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Science & Technology

Boston Dynamics reveals its new Atlas robot

 VIDEO  2-24-2016 | 29

The latest incarnation of the eerily human-like robot looks about ready to start taking over the world.

Science & Technology

BigDog robot rejected because it's too noisy

 VIDEO  12-31-2015 | 14

Boston Dynamics' quadrupedal robot has been deemed too loud for use during actual military operations.

Science & Technology

Boston Dynamics reveals its robot reindeer

 VIDEO  12-23-2015 | 5

The robotics company has released a Christmas video featuring some rather unorthodox-looking reindeer.

Science & Technology

US marines start training with robotic dog

 VIDEO  9-22-2015 | 19

Boston Dynamics' all-terrain four-legged robot has been joining US marines on their training exercises.

Science & Technology

Atlas robot shows off its walking skills

 VIDEO  8-18-2015 | 17

The lifelike humanoid creation has been filmed being put through its paces across rough woodland terrain.

Science & Technology

New dog robot has amazing sense of balance

 VIDEO  2-11-2015 | 15

Boston Dynamics is back with another eerily realistic robot that can stop itself from falling over.

Science & Technology

Boston Dynamics reveals new WildCat robot

 VIDEO  10-5-2013 | 22

The DARPA funded project has produced a quadrupedal robot that is able to run like a cheetah.

Science & Technology

Humanoid 'Petman' robot gets an upgrade

 VIDEO  4-8-2013 | 18

The uncannily human-like Petman robot from Boston Dynamics has now been given a head and clothes.

Science & Technology

Robot dog prepares for combat

 VIDEO  10-5-2011 | 32

Boston Dynamics has developed one of the most sophisticated quadrupedal robots ever built.

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