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World of the Bizarre

New York City In-N-Out burger mystery solved

7-27-2019 | 40

When Lincoln Boehm found a burger in the street, he couldn't have predicted the reaction it would get.

World of the Bizarre

Insect burgers to go on sale in Switzerland

8-16-2017 | 20

Insect-based edibles are beginning to appear in shops after a recent revision of food safety laws.

World of the Bizarre

Burger King dresses as ghost of McDonald's

 VIDEO  10-29-2016 | 5

The fast food chain decided to have a dig at its rival as part of its celebration of Halloween this year.

World of the Bizarre

Man has his name changed to 'Cheeseburger'

 VIDEO  2-23-2016 | 22

Simon Smith from London got so bored with his name that he had it changed to 'Bacon Double Cheeseburger'.

Science & Technology

Lab-grown meat to go on sale within 5 years

10-19-2015 | 21

Burgers made from meat that has been grown in a lab could soon be appearing on supermarket shelves.

World of the Bizarre

Woman eats 20 cheeseburgers in 16 minutes

 VIDEO  9-11-2015 | 43

Competitive eater Nela Zisser managed to consume almost two dozen large burgers in one session.

Science & Technology

Would you drink milk grown in a lab ?

10-23-2014 | 50

The world's first in vitro hamburger could soon be accompanied by a nice glass of lab grown milk.

World of the Bizarre

Firm sends burger and chips in to space

 VIDEO  10-11-2014 | 16

A fast food firm has become the first to send a sample of their cuisine in to orbit using a balloon.

World of the Bizarre

Burger designed to taste like human flesh

9-24-2014 | 96

A london pop-up venture is offering consumers a chance to sample burgers with a rather unique taste.

World of the Bizarre

'Pie-scraper' burger reaches new heights

5-7-2014 | 22

Takeaway boss John Clarkson put together a burger so large that it was as tall as a human being.

Science & Technology

Raindrops are shaped liked hamburger buns

2-13-2014 | 11

Scientists at NASA have discovered that the traditional idea of a tear-shaped raindrop is incorrect.

World of the Bizarre

Woman dislocates jaw eating triple burger

8-21-2013 | 24

Nicola Peate had to open her mouth so wide to tuck in to the burger that she dislocated her jaw.

Science & Technology

Test tube burger to go on sale for 250,000

7-29-2013 | 21

The world's first in vitro beef burger is to be sold at a London restaurant to those who can afford it.

Science & Technology

Test tube hamburgers to be served this year

2-22-2012 | 26

Scientists are hoping to serve up an edible test-tube hamburger as early as October of this year.

World of the Bizarre

Vegas grill serves up 8,000 calorie burgers

10-22-2011 | 39

The aptly named Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas is offering up "Quadruple Bypass" burgers.

Science & Technology

First artificial burger to cost 250,000

9-3-2011 | 44

Scientists hope to create the world's first burger made from artificial meat within 6 months.

World of the Bizarre

Burger King unveils 1160-calorie burger

4-16-2011 | 54

Burger King have launched a massive new gut-wrenching burger called the 'Meat Monster' in Japan.

World of the Bizarre

Gut-wrenching burger contains 13000 calories

3-9-2011 | 26

The Over De Flames restaurant is offering a massive burger equivalent to 26 quarter-pounders.

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