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World of the Bizarre

Man falls ill after eating live crab to 'punish' it for pinching his daughter

10-30-2022 | 14

The bizarre incident saw the man end up in hospital following his unique act of crustacean-based revenge.

Nature & Environment

Fisherman catches extremely rare blue lobster

7-5-2022 | 1

The bright blue crustacean, which was caught off the coast of Portland, is thought to be 1 in 2 million.

Space & Astronomy

NASA wants to send swarms of robots to swim in alien oceans

7-4-2022 | 2

The space agency is looking into the idea of sending robots to swim beneath the icy crusts of Europa and Enceladus.

Nature & Environment

Giant crustacean discovered in the Pacific

6-1-2021 | 6

Scientists have revealed how they discovered a new species of amphipod in the Atacama Trench.

World of the Bizarre

Diamond-encrusted COVID mask sells for $1.5M

 VIDEO  8-11-2020 | 15

A jeweler in Israel has created and sold what is being described as the world's most expensive COVID mask.

Science & Technology

Lockdown is causing Earth's crust to fall silent

4-3-2020 | 14

Scientists have revealed that the coronavirus lockdown has reduced the level of vibrations in the Earth's crust.

Space & Astronomy

Nuclear 'tunnelbot' could explore Europa

12-17-2018 | 10

NASA has proposed a new mission to delve deep beneath the icy crust of Jupiter's moon Europa.

Science & Technology

Japanese scientists to drill in to the mantle

4-9-2017 | 14

The aim will be to drill all the way down through the Earth's crust for the first time in history.

World of the Bizarre

Group sends meat and potato pie in to space

 VIDEO  12-17-2016 | 17

Space enthusiasts from the UK have succeeded in sending a shortcrust pie over 29 miles above the ground.

Nature & Environment

Coconut crab is world's strongest crustacean

 VIDEO  11-25-2016 | 1

The huge terrestrial crab species can exert a pinching force greater than any other crustacean on Earth.

Nature & Environment

Huge 14lb lobster caught off Bermuda coast

10-25-2016 | 11

The gigantic crustacean was caught just one day after Hurricane Nicole swept through the area.

Science & Technology

Scientists discover new type of earthquake

10-13-2016 | 12

It turns out that earthquakes can occur significantly below the upper half of the Earth's crust.

Nature & Environment

Hordes of spider crabs gather near Melbourne

 VIDEO  6-17-2016 | 9

An Australian aquatic scientist has captured footage of the crustaceans congregating in Port Phillip Bay.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Giant 50ft crab appears at Whitstable harbour

10-13-2014 | 76

A bizarre aerial photo showing what looks like a huge crustacean has been circulating the Internet.

Nature & Environment

Very rare blue lobster caught off Maine

8-27-2014 | 8

Teenager Meghan LaPlante discovered the crustacean while checking lobster traps at the weekend.

Nature & Environment

Giant isopod dies after 5-year hunger strike

2-17-2014 | 21

The huge deep sea crustacean was kept at a Japanese aquarium and hadn't eaten for 1,869 days.

Nature & Environment

Giant crustacean discovered in New Zealand

2-3-2012 | 16

A number of gigantic amphipods measuring 10 times the regular size have been fished up from the depths.

Nature & Environment

Bright blue lobster discovered

11-17-2011 | 18

The unusually coloured crustacean was saved from the dinner table when it was spotted at a fish market.

World of the Bizarre

Hotel boasts $11m Christmas tree

12-17-2010 | 34

A hotel in Abu Dhabi is celebrating the festive season with a jewel-encrusted tree worth $11 million.


Is there fish-size life on Europa ?

11-20-2009 | 20

For years astrobiologists have speculated over the possibility that life could exist right now under the frozen crust of...

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