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Baseball star captures 'Bigfoot' on deer cam

11-23-2019 | 35

Tigers infielder Jordy Mercer has posted up two still images of an alleged Sasquatch on his property.


Armed police storm house, find deer inside

 VIDEO  6-9-2019 | 5

Police officers responding to a home invasion in Texas came face to face with a rather unusual suspect.

Natural World

Deer filmed engaging in bizarre 'slap fight'

 VIDEO  6-25-2017 | 31

Footage recorded by a wildlife camera in Tennessee shows two whitetail bucks slapping each other silly.


Woman blames car crash on Bigfoot sighting

3-28-2017 | 31

An unidentified motorist ended up hitting a deer in her car after being distracted by a 'hairy beast'.

Ancient Mysteries

Hidden images found in 500-year-old codex

8-21-2016 | 6

A mysterious deer-hide manuscript from Mexico has revealed a series of hidden storytelling images.


Police called over UK black panther sighting

7-22-2016 | 7

Authorities were notified after a large black creature was spotted chasing deer in North West England.

Natural World

Norway's wildlife still plagued by radiation

4-11-2016 | 19

30 years on, Scandinavia is still suffering from the after-effects of the world's worst nuclear disaster.

Science & Technology

Boston Dynamics reveals its robot reindeer

 VIDEO  12-23-2015 | 5

The robotics company has released a Christmas video featuring some rather unorthodox-looking reindeer.

Natural World

'Unicorn' roe deer discovered in Slovenia

11-17-2014 | 17

The animal was found to have a rare deformity that resulted in a single unicorn-like antler.


Potential new human species discovered

6-21-2014 | 80

Ancient remains found in a cave in China may belong to a species of human that lived 11,000 years ago.

Natural World

'Extinct' deer turns up alive in Vietnam

3-9-2014 | 16

Researchers have rediscovered a species of deer thought to have disappeared over 85 years ago.

Science & Technology

Why was Rudolph the reindeer's nose red ?

12-23-2012 | 26

Rudolph's red nose is a popular topic for songs at Christmas time, but what's the real story behind it ?


Ram and deer in Valentine's Day marriage

2-14-2012 | 3

In a highly unconventional ceremony, a ram and a deer at a zoo in China are to be married today.


Baby mammoth remains found in Arctic

8-24-2011 | 14

The preserved remains of an infant mammoth have been discovered by a Russian reindeer herder.


"Deer with wings" causes power outage

6-21-2011 | 49

A "flying deer" has been identified by an energy company as the cause of a power outage in Montana.

Natural World

Reindeer help Christmas trees grow

12-25-2010 | 1

New studies have shown that reindeer directly benefit the scotch pine and other trees sold at Christmas.


Norway's reindeer fitted with reflectors

12-24-2010 | 4

Reindeer in Norway have been fitted with reflectors this year to prevent them from being hit by cars.


Deer hunter photographs creature in woods

12-12-2010 | 431

Speculation is rife over whether the peculiar image could actually be a viral advertisement.


Reindeer meat on sale for Christmas

11-16-2010 | 25

UK supermarket Lidl has been under fire for stocking reindeer meat on the run up to Christmas.


Couple call 911 after Bigfoot sighting

12-28-2009 | 8

A homeless couple in San Antonio called 911 after they allegedly witnessed a Bigfoot which they said was eating a deer c...

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