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World of the Bizarre

'Missing' man joins search party for himself

10-4-2021 | 10

A man who had been reported missing after a night of drinking inadvertently joined the search... for himself.

World of the Bizarre

Man gets drunk on cake due to weird condition

1-11-2021 | 5

62-year-old Nick Carson suffers from a rare condition that turns carbohydrates directly into alcohol.

World of the Bizarre

Drunk man changes his name to Celine Dion

1-1-2021 | 16

A super fan of the Canadian singer recently made the drunken decision to change his name in honor of her.

World of the Bizarre

'Drunk and irritable' wasps descend on the UK

8-14-2018 | 16

Wasps in Britain have been getting drunk on fermented fruit and left-over pub cider, experts claim.

World of the Bizarre

Two intoxicated hedgehogs rescued in Germany

6-20-2018 | 5

The curious spiny mammals had ended up drunk after sampling a bottle of eggnog that someone had dropped.

World of the Bizarre

Drunk 'time traveler' arrested in Wyoming

10-5-2017 | 38

A man from Casper was picked up by local law enforcement after claiming to have come from the future.

World of the Bizarre

Drunk monkey waves knife at bar customers

 VIDEO  2-19-2016 | 23

A bizarre incident at a bar in Brazil recently saw an intoxicated monkey go on a knife-wielding rampage.

World of the Bizarre

Man mistakenly dines on bucket of concrete

6-20-2015 | 39

A drunk man in China ended up in hospital after mistaking liquid concrete for a bowl of sesame paste.

Science & Technology

Cars may soon refuse to go if you are drunk

 VIDEO  6-9-2015 | 41

A new automated alcohol detection system may soon be making drink-driving physically impossible.

Archaeology & History

Ancient Greek hangover cure discovered

4-22-2015 | 15

A 1,900-year-old papyrus containing a cure for 'drunken headaches' has been translated by researchers.

World of the Bizarre

Anti-urination wall paint trialled in Hamburg

3-7-2015 | 22

Germany has come up with a novel new way to stop drunk revelers from relieving themselves on walls.

World of the Bizarre

Drunk operative lands drone at White House

1-29-2015 | 52

An intoxicated intelligence agency worker was to blame for landing a drone on the White House lawn.

Nature & Environment

Man-eating Leopard is 'targeting drunks'

9-14-2014 | 46

A particularly deadly big cat is thought to have killed 12 people from remote Himalayan villages.

World of the Bizarre

Menace of seagulls drunk on flying ants

7-30-2014 | 12

Hostile seagulls fuelled by an intoxicating diet of flying ants have been causing a nuisance in the UK.

Science & Technology

Genetically engineered worms can't get drunk

7-18-2014 | 25

Scientists have produced a worm with altered genes that is incapable of ever becoming intoxicated.

Nature & Environment

Elephant herd gets drunk on fermented fruit

4-24-2014 | 19

Field guide Ross Couper snapped several pictures as the intoxicated elephants hilariously rolled around.

Science & Technology

New technology could prevent drink driving

1-2-2013 | 24

Finding effective ways to stop people driving their car while drunk could save many lives each year.

World of the Bizarre

Herd of drunk elephants go on the rampage

11-9-2012 | 27

Dumurkota village in India was ransacked after a herd of 50 elephants broke in to a local liquor store.

World of the Bizarre

Man lights firework in his bottom

7-31-2012 | 73

One drunk man at a party in Australia thought it would be a good idea to experiment with fireworks.

Science & Technology

Scientists envisage "stay-sober" pill

9-30-2011 | 42

A pill that would allow you to drink as much as you want without getting drunk is being developed.

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