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Creatures, Myths & Legends

Bigfoot tales abound in New York state's Chautauqua County

12-6-2022 | 15

The forests of this unassuming region of the northeastern United States are said to be home to the elusive Bigfoot.

Archaeology & History

How did the Easter Islanders drink seawater ?

10-3-2021 | 9

Researchers have taken a fresh look at how the island's inhabitants drank water directly out of the ocean.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Witness recounts 'winged creature' encounter

1-18-2021 | 13

Three people had been driving in northeastern Illinois when they saw a flying creature with 'human proportions'.

Archaeology & History

Runaway truck slams into Easter Island statue

 VIDEO  3-9-2020 | 10

A man has been arrested after his truck caused 'incalculable' damage to one of the statues.

Modern Mysteries

'Bridgewater Triangle' to be made into a TV show

9-1-2019 | 9

A 200 square-mile region of southeastern Massachusetts has been a hotbed of strange occurrences for years.

Nature & Environment

Alabama plagued by huge wasp 'super nests'

7-1-2019 | 21

Some wasp nests in the southeastern state are so big that even pest control experts won't go near them.

Space & Astronomy

Oldest known total eclipse footage revealed

 VIDEO  6-2-2019 | 1

119-year-old footage of a total solar eclipse over the Southeastern United States has been posted online.

Modern Mysteries

Egg hunt held at Winchester Mystery House

4-21-2019 | 3

One of America's most mysterious buildings has played host to the 'world's most bizarre Easter egg hunt.'

Modern Mysteries

Mystery booms plague Fair Oaks residents

 VIDEO  3-28-2019 | 7

Loud explosions have been occurring in the middle of the night in northeastern Sacramento for months.

Nature & Environment

'Giant squirrel' claim turns out to be a mistake

12-9-2018 | 0

A photograph of an eastern fox squirrel alleged to be a whopping 2ft tall has been raising eyebrows recently.

Nature & Environment

Ancient termite structure is visible from space

 VIDEO  11-21-2018 | 2

For thousands of years, termites have been constructing a vast network of mounds in northeastern Brazil.

Archaeology & History

Do Easter Island's Moai point to fresh water?

10-11-2018 | 17

Scientists have come up with a possible new explanation for the positions of the island's stone statues.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Couple report 'Bigfoot' sighting in New Jersey

 VIDEO  5-16-2018 | 79

The report is one of several dozen to have arisen in the northeastern US state over the last few decades.

World of the Bizarre

Baby dies after being snatched by a monkey

4-2-2018 | 10

Police in India are searching for a monkey that carried off and killed a small child in the eastern state of Orissa.

World of the Bizarre

Strange orange snow falls over eastern Europe

3-26-2018 | 5

Ski resorts in several countries were left looking like the surface of Mars after a recent fall of orange-tinged snow.

Space & Astronomy

Tiangong-1 space station to crash over Easter

3-23-2018 | 158

China's out-of-control Tiangong-1 space lab is now expected to fall to Earth over the Easter weekend.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Mystic Baba Vanga's 2018 predictions revealed

12-24-2017 | 42

The blind Eastern European psychic, who died in 1996, made numerous predictions about major world events.

Archaeology & History

Did Easter Islanders sail to South America ?

10-13-2017 | 21

A new study has cast doubt on the idea that the island's inhabitants had contact with Native Americans.

Archaeology & History

Archaeologists discover 'little Pompeii'

 VIDEO  8-3-2017 | 3

An exceptionally well-preserved Roman neighborhood has been unearthed in south-eastern France.

Nature & Environment

Amazing creatures found 4km beneath the sea

 VIDEO  6-21-2017 | 11

Scientists have revealed some of the weird and wonderful animals that live in Australia's eastern abyss.

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