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Nature & Environment

Wild elephants each have their own names, new study finds

6-12-2024 | 4

Scientists now believe that elephants, like humans, have assigned names that they use when calling one another.


The largest dinosaurs walked more like hippos than elephants

 VIDEO  3-12-2022 | 3

Comparisons with today's largest living land animals may not be quite as accurate as first thought.


Prehistoric rhino was taller than a giraffe

 VIDEO  6-23-2021 | 2

Weighing the equivalent of four elephants, Paraceratherium linxiaense was an absolute monster.

Nature & Environment

Scientists solve mass elephant deaths mystery

9-24-2020 | 8

Hundreds of elephants have been mysteriously dying in Botswana and scientists have finally figured out why.

Nature & Environment

Mystery surrounds death of 150 elephants

6-18-2020 |

The unexplained demise of more than 150 elephants in Botswana has left authorities scratching their heads.

Nature & Environment

Elephants are more intelligent than we thought

4-12-2017 | 9

New research has shown that elephants possess a level of self-understanding that is rare in animals.

Nature & Environment

Elephants have world's best sense of smell

7-23-2014 | 14

African elephants have more genes dedicated to smell than anything else in the animal kingdom.

Nature & Environment

Elephant herd gets drunk on fermented fruit

4-24-2014 | 19

Field guide Ross Couper snapped several pictures as the intoxicated elephants hilariously rolled around.

World of the Bizarre

Thailand coffee made from digested beans

12-8-2012 | 31

A unique and expensive type of coffee is made from beans that have been digested by elephants.

World of the Bizarre

Herd of drunk elephants go on the rampage

11-9-2012 | 27

Dumurkota village in India was ransacked after a herd of 50 elephants broke in to a local liquor store.

Nature & Environment

Elephant personalities revealed by scientists

10-31-2012 | 11

Elephants are now believed to have four distinct personalities to help them survive in the African bush.

Nature & Environment

Elephants under threat as ivory demand soars

4-14-2012 | 17

Elephant populations in Africa are at risk of extinction due to increased ivory demand in China.

Nature & Environment

Elephants grew over 24 million generations

2-1-2012 | 14

Scientists have revealed that growing in size takes a lot longer for a species than shrinking in size.

Nature & Environment

Do elephants have six toes ?

12-26-2011 | 6

Scientists have determined that a long-debated bony growth on elephants' feet is actually a sixth toe.

Nature & Environment

Elephants capable of insight

8-25-2011 | 14

In a series of experiments elephants have been shown to be capable of spontaneous problem solving.

Nature & Environment

Elephants 'scared of ants'

9-4-2010 | 9

Its a popular myth that elephants are scared of mice however what they are really scared of is actually a lot smaller.

Nature & Environment

World's first set of male twin elephants born

3-23-2010 | 6

A set of extremely rare twin male elephants have been born in Thailand, both are alive and well.

Nature & Environment

Elephants could be extinct in 15 years

10-19-2009 | 21

Conservation experts have warned that African elephants could be extinct within 15 years due to the illegal ivory trade,...

World of the Bizarre

Hovis bakes 3,300lb bread and butter pudding

10-4-2009 | 2

Hovis have entered the record books by baking a bread and butter pudding so large that it weighs more than two baby elep...


Oldest elephant relative found

6-27-2009 | 1

The fossilized remains of the oldest known relative of the modern elephant have been unearthed in Morocco. At over 60 mi...

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