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Space & Astronomy

VSS Unity completes first powered flight

 VIDEO  4-10-2018 | 3

Virgin Galactic's new spaceplane blasted through the sky on Thursday after firing its rocket engine for the first time.

Science & Technology

NASA to develop a new 'quiet' supersonic jet

2-13-2018 | 2

The US government is funding a new experimental aircraft known as the Low-Boom Flight Demonstrator.

Space & Astronomy

SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch is a huge success

 VIDEO  2-6-2018 | 86

The world's most powerful rocket has successfully blasted off in to the heavens on its first test flight.

Modern Mysteries

MH370 search vessel disappears for 3 days

2-6-2018 | 7

The ship tasked with locating the wreck of flight MH370 went dark for several days and nobody knows why.

Science & Technology

Vahana 'flying car' passes first flight test

2-5-2018 | 5

The autonomous flying passenger drone has taken to the skies for the first time at a test site in Oregon.


Dinosaur tracks found outside NASA Goddard

 VIDEO  2-1-2018 | 11

100 million-year-old dinosaur and mammal tracks have been found at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center.

Modern Mysteries

Hunt for missing flight MH370 set to resume

1-7-2018 | 14

A US-based exploration firm is set to begin hunting for the whereabouts of the missing plane's wreckage.

Space & Astronomy

New video lets you fly in to space and back

 VIDEO  12-17-2017 | 25

Blue Origin has released new footage recorded from inside its space capsule during a recent test flight.

Space & Astronomy

Dream Chaser completes successful glide test

11-13-2017 | 19

Sierra Nevada has announced that its Dream Chaser spaceplane has completed a critical free-flight test.

Nature & Environment

Giant black swan once roamed New Zealand

7-26-2017 | 3

Scientists have found evidence of a huge, hulking semi-flightless swan that went extinct 500 years ago.

Space & Astronomy

Virgin Galactic to initiate flights in 2018

4-30-2017 | 2

Richard Branson's fledgling space tourism firm is aiming to begin flying tourists in to space next year.

Space & Astronomy

Dream Chaser flight tests are set to resume

 VIDEO  3-7-2017 | 7

Sierra Nevada's Dream Chaser space plane is being readied for a new series of tests in California.

Space & Astronomy

Astronauts could fly around the Moon by 2019

2-25-2017 | 9

NASA is considering whether to send a crew on its first integrated Orion, SLS flight around the Moon.

Space & Astronomy

Virgin Galactic test flight proves a success

12-5-2016 | 4

Richard Branson's fledgling space tourism firm is back on track following a fatal crash two years ago.

World of the Bizarre

Real-life snake on a plane disrupts flight

 VIDEO  11-10-2016 | 9

The large green reptile slithered out of a ceiling compartment during a routine flight to Mexico City.

Space & Astronomy

UN announces its first ever space mission

10-2-2016 | 14

The United Nations has revealed that it will be launching a global collaborative spaceflight project.

Science & Technology

'Flying Bum' airship has crashed already

 VIDEO  8-24-2016 | 10

The world's largest aircraft, the Airlander 10, has crashed while landing in a field after a test flight.

Space & Astronomy

Prototype airplane could one day fly on Mars

8-19-2016 | 5

Students in the US have conducted a successful test flight of a small remotely piloted glider aircraft.

Space & Astronomy

Virgin Galactic set to resume test flights

 VIDEO  7-11-2016 | 12

Richard Branson's fledgling space tourism firm is about to begin test flights of its new SpaceShipTwo.

World of the Bizarre

Large tarantula crawls on airline passenger

5-21-2016 | 20

Catherine Moreau had been watching a movie during a routine flight when she felt something on her leg.

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