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Creatures, Myths & Legends

Football floodlights were once used to hunt Nessie

7-17-2022 | 4

Scotland's first ever football floodlights ended up being used in the hunt for the Loch Ness Monster back in the 1930s.

Science & Technology

World's largest plane takes to the skies over California

 VIDEO  3-1-2022 | 4

With a wingspan greater than that of an entire football field, this gargantuan aircraft is a sight to behold.

Modern Mysteries

Weird audio illusion leaves listeners divided

 VIDEO  6-10-2021 | 36

A short audio clip of a football crowd chanting over and over has proven rather difficult to interpret.

World of the Bizarre

Football match marred by witchcraft allegations

1-21-2021 | 4

A dead bat generated controversy ahead of a recent football match between Cameroon and Zimbabwe.


Former footballer was once 'abducted by aliens'

6-17-2020 | 7

Former Argentine player Guillermo Marino once had a remarkable explanation for being late for training.

The UFO Phenomenon

Footballer posts video of 'crazy' UFO on Twitter

3-28-2020 | 17

Retired footballer Simon Church raised eyebrows recently when he shared footage he'd taken of a UFO.

Science & Technology

World's largest plane flies for the first time

 VIDEO  4-14-2019 | 7

The gargantuan aircraft, which has a wingspan bigger than a football field, soared in to the sky on Saturday.

Space & Astronomy

Cosmonauts play football on the space station

 VIDEO  6-2-2018 | 15

Anton Shkaplerov and Oleg Artemyev demonstrated their football skills ahead of the FIFA World Cup in Russia.

Space & Astronomy

World's largest plane cruises down the runway

 VIDEO  12-20-2017 | 11

Stratolaunch's new aircraft is so enormous that its wingspan could contain an entire football field.

Space & Astronomy

Astronaut throws a football 564,664 yards

 VIDEO  2-5-2017 | 5

Astronaut Tim Kopra made the record-breaking pass aboard the space station to mark the 2017 Super Bowl.

Science & Technology

Japan wins 'RoboCup' football tournament

 VIDEO  7-23-2015 | 4

A team from Japan succeeded in fending off robots from 40 other countries at a competition in China.

Science & Technology

Paraplegic with robot suit to open World Cup

 VIDEO  6-11-2014 | 15

A paralysed person wearing an advanced exoskeleton will kick off the world's biggest football event.

Ghosts & Hauntings

'Ghost' crosses pitch during football game

 VIDEO  5-27-2014 | 42

Footage of a ghostly figure on the pitch during the German Cup final in Berlin has gone viral.

The UFO Phenomenon

UFO flies over football stadium in Argentina

 VIDEO  4-28-2014 | 58

A television camera filming a football match captured the moment a strange white object flew overhead.

Ghosts & Hauntings

'Ghost' runs through crowd at football game

 VIDEO  4-24-2014 | 60

A video showing a strange shadow running through crowds of spectators at a stadium has gone viral.

World of the Bizarre

Football fans cause minor earthquake

12-8-2013 | 21

A crowd of fans at a recent football game got so excited that their cheers registered as an earthquake.

World of the Bizarre

Baby named after entire football team

3-13-2011 | 29

Amanda and Stephen Preston decided to name their son after the names of an entire football team.

Space & Astronomy

Stars reveal carbon 'spaceballs'

7-23-2010 | 7

The largest ever known molecules the size of footballs have been detected in cosmic dust around a distant star.

Space & Astronomy

Rare hole in the moon photographed

6-29-2010 | 12

New photographs of the moon have revealed a rare hole the size of a football field on the lunar surface.

World of the Bizarre

Aquarium owners predict football results with octopus

6-28-2010 | 31

In a peculiar story this week Paul the "psychic octopus" has allegedly been credited with predicting football results.

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