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Ghosts & Hauntings

'Cursed' painting strikes again after spate of mishaps for new owner

1-1-2024 | 5

An allegedly cursed painting that was sold in a charity shop back in August 2023 has since changed hands several times.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Scotland's Cawdor Castle said to be home to ghostly woman with no hands

3-21-2023 | 1

A castle made famous for its connection to Shakespeare's Macbeth is also thought to be home to a resident spook.

World of the Bizarre

Man attempts to perform nose job... on himself

7-31-2022 | 7

Unable or unwilling to get it done professionally, one Brazilian man decided to take matters into his own hands.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Real-life 'Conjuring' house sells for $1.525 million

6-1-2022 | 1

Made famous by the hit movie franchise, the real-life inspiration behind 'The Conjuring' has changed hands yet again.

Science & Technology

Dubai creates its own rain to beat the heat

 VIDEO  7-21-2021 | 12

The city has taken the weather into its own hands by using drones to stimulate clouds into producing rain.

World of the Bizarre

Weird mutant rabbits walk around on two legs

 VIDEO  3-27-2021 | 7

Scientists believe that they have determined why a peculiar strain of rabbit walks around doing a handstand.

Science & Technology

'Dr. Strangelove Syndrome' actually exists

 VIDEO  3-29-2020 | 9

Named after the 1964 Stanley Kubrick movie, this very rare condition gives your hands a will of their own.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery as skeletons found with hands tied

2-3-2020 | 9

Archaeologists have confirmed the discovery of over 40 skeletons in shallow graves at a building site in England.

Science & Technology

Jeff Bezos tries out some giant robotic hands

 VIDEO  6-7-2019 | 4

A clip from Amazon's recent robotics conference shows the company's CEO trying out an impressive invention.

Science & Technology

It's official - six fingers are better than five

 VIDEO  6-5-2019 | 12

Individuals born with six fingers on each hand are able to perform tasks that usually require two hands.

Modern Mysteries

Leonardo da Vinci was likely ambidextrous

 VIDEO  4-12-2019 | 4

A new study of da Vinci's work has lead experts to conclude that he could write and draw with both hands.


Roswell UFO crash site has changed hands

2-11-2019 | 9

The area of land on to which the Roswell UFO allegedly crash-landed in 1947 has been acquired by new owners.

World of the Bizarre

5-year-old reports the Grinch to the police

12-20-2017 | 9

One young Christmas fan decided to take matters in to his own hands in Jackson, Mississippi this week.

Science & Technology

Scientist electrocutes himself with an eel

 VIDEO  9-17-2017 | 10

One biologist decided to take a hands-on approach to studying the powerful shock of an electric eel.

Nature & Environment

What is the oldest living thing on Earth ?

6-12-2017 | 24

When it comes to extremely long-lived life forms, trees and plants beat animals hands down every time.

Nature & Environment

Young gorillas are destroying poacher snares

8-21-2016 | 34

Some of Rwanda's mountain gorillas have taken a hands-on approach to tackling the threat of snares.

Science & Technology

Implant helps paralyzed man move his hand

 VIDEO  4-14-2016 | 4

Scientists have been working on a way to help paralysis patients regain some movement in their hands.

Science & Technology

Human hands may have evolved for punching

10-25-2015 | 54

Our ability to make a fist and strike an opponent with sizable force might be an evolutionary trait.

Science & Technology

Our hands are more primitive than a chimp's

7-15-2015 | 17

Contrary to popular belief, human hands are not as evolved as those of our closest living relatives.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Mystery hands appear in Mt Kinabalu photos

6-14-2015 | 38

An unexplained pair of hands has appeared in photographs taken by two separate cameras in Borneo.

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