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World of the Bizarre

Iron Man balloon sparks 'alien' scare in India

10-18-2020 | 3

A novelty balloon of the metal-suited Marvel hero recently caused panic in the town of Dankaur, India.

Science & Technology

Real-life 'Iron Man' suit has gone on sale

 VIDEO  7-19-2018 | 5

Inventor Richard Browning's impressive flight suit is now available to purchase for a whopping $440,000.

Science & Technology

Real-life Iron Man brings his suit to Salford

 VIDEO  11-26-2017 | 16

Richard Browning stunned onlookers this week as he flew around a business park in Salford, England.

Science & Technology

Real-life Iron Man shows off suit in Vancouver

 VIDEO  4-29-2017 | 7

The inventor of the impressive flying suit demonstrated his creation at this week's TED conference.

Science & Technology

UK inventor creates real-life Iron Man suit

 VIDEO  4-1-2017 | 19

Former marine Richard Browning has created a working Iron Man suit out of six miniature jet engines.

Science & Technology

Elon Musk teases work on an 'Iron Man' suit

6-10-2016 | 4

He might not be Tony Stark, but the SpaceX CEO is not entirely dissimilar to the comic book billionaire

Science & Technology

Iron Man technology could help save lives

7-1-2015 | 3

A real-life version of Tony Stark's augmented reality display has been developed by researchers.

Science & Technology

Iron Man-like suit to enable deep sea diving

 VIDEO  3-5-2014 | 14

Scientists have developed a powered exosuit to help divers explore the ocean's darkest depths.

Science & Technology

US military building real-life Iron Man suit

 VIDEO  10-10-2013 | 21

Tony Stark's sophisticated robot suit may soon be more than just the subject of movies and comics.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

The hunt for the Iron Man of the Gorbals

11-2-2010 | 9

Paul English recounts a peculiar incident that occured in a Glasgow graveyard 47 years ago.

Science & Technology

Iron Man-style suits in development

9-30-2010 | 16

Power armour like that worn by Iron Man Tony Stark may soon be a regular sight on the battlefield.

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