Sunday, October 2, 2022
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Nature & Environment

Video shows shark in residential back yard during Hurricane Ian

 VIDEO  9-30-2022 | 7

The destructive hurricane currently making landfall in the United States has been displacing the local wildlife.


Man has kept his arm raised for over 10 years in honor of his god

9-29-2022 | 15

A man in India has been making headlines this week after it was revealed that he has had his arm raised for over a decade.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Sightings of rooftop 'ghost' spark panic in Varanasi, New Delhi

 VIDEO  9-28-2022 | 11

Something has been spooking residents in one part of India and nobody seems to know exactly what it is.

Archaeology & History

New evidence points to presence of hidden chamber in King Tut's tomb

9-26-2022 | 3

Nicholas Reeves still believes that the entrance to Nefertiti's tomb lies somewhere within King Tut's burial chamber.

Nature & Environment

Mystery surrounds 'nightmare shark' caught in Australia

9-25-2022 | 17

A fisherman recently reeled in a rather strange looking shark and nobody is quite sure what species it is.

World of the Bizarre

Woman discovers raccoon lounging around in her hammock

9-17-2022 | 3

One Philadelphia resident discovered a rather unexpected visitor making itself comfortable on her porch.

Science & Technology

'We'll never take over the world' says eerily human-like robot

 VIDEO  9-13-2022 | 11

A robot capable of mimicking human expressions has offered its assurances that it has no plans for world domination.

Nature & Environment

Breathtaking and rare 'Levanter' cloud formation filmed over Gibraltar

9-11-2022 | 3

Remarkable Met Office time-lapse footage shows clouds flowing like water over the Rock of Gibraltar.

Space & Astronomy

Artemis I delayed again - when will the mission launch ?

 VIDEO  9-6-2022 | 29

Following two scrubbed launches due to various issues, the likelihood of the mission going ahead this month is looking bleak.

The UFO Phenomenon

NASA 'working hard' to keep UFO investigation schedule

8-19-2022 | 9

NASA officials are reportedly ramping up preparations for the agency's investigation into the UFO phenomenon.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Woman who had NDE 'can't wait to go back'

8-14-2022 | 121

A woman who had a transformative near-death experience is now looking forward to experiencing it all again.

Archaeology & History

New evidence suggests Howard Carter stole King Tut relics

8-14-2022 | 5

A previously unpublished letter seems to support the idea that the tomb's discoverer made off with some of its contents.

Space & Astronomy

Russian space laser could blind spy satellites

7-30-2022 | 3

Russia is reportedly working on a ground-based laser weapon capable of interfering with satellites in space.

World of the Bizarre

Man eats ham sandwich, can't stop farting for 5 years

7-29-2022 | 15

Tyrone Prades is taking legal action after a sandwich he ate 5 years ago left him with a never-ending bout of flatulence.

Archaeology & History

Viking gold ring found in bundle of 'cheap jewelry'

7-22-2022 | 2

A woman in Norway discovered the ring mixed in with a bundle of cheap trinkets and jewelry purchased at auction.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Woman captures 'Bigfoot' on trail camera

7-22-2022 | 37

A woman who had been checking a remote trail camera in Washington State came across something unexpected.

World of the Bizarre

Bored housewife spends years faking Russian history on Wikipedia

7-18-2022 | 8

An incredible hoax spanning hundreds of articles on the world's biggest online encyclopedia was recently exposed.

The UFO Phenomenon

Tech billionaire to use cold war radar station to hunt UFOs

7-7-2022 | 11

British entrepreneur William Sachiti has been looking for a way to restore the facility to full working order.

Space & Astronomy

NASA wants to send swarms of robots to swim in alien oceans

7-4-2022 | 2

The space agency is looking into the idea of sending robots to swim beneath the icy crusts of Europa and Enceladus.

Archaeology & History

Tomb linked to King Arthur is set to be excavated

7-2-2022 | 6

Archaeologists are preparing to explore what lies inside a 5,000-year-old tomb known as Arthur's stone.

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