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Archaeology & History

Leonardo da Vinci was the son of a slave, discovery suggests

3-28-2023 | 0

It is now thought that the world-famous Renaissance maestro may have been born of an Italian slave named Caterina.

Modern Mysteries

Leonardo da Vinci drawing sells for $12 million

7-10-2021 | 7

Drawn by the Maestro himself, the small sketch of a bear's head has sold for a record-breaking sum.

Modern Mysteries

Da Vinci sketch reignites Salvator Mundi doubts

11-19-2020 | 30

A newly discovered sketch of Jesus by Leonardo da Vinci may prove that he did not paint Salvator Mundi.

Modern Mysteries

Leonardo da Vinci painting mystery solved

6-11-2019 | 9

The world's most expensive painting - Salvator Mundi - mysteriously disappeared shortly after being sold.

Modern Mysteries

Da Vinci's 'claw hand' stopped him painting

5-5-2019 | 4

A new study has suggested that an injury sustained from a fall may have left Leonardo da Vinci unable to paint.

Modern Mysteries

Lock of hair to help crack Da Vinci mystery

5-1-2019 | 0

A lock of hair thought to belong to Renaissance genius Leonardo da Vinci is set to undergo DNA testing.

Modern Mysteries

Leonardo da Vinci was likely ambidextrous

 VIDEO  4-12-2019 | 4

A new study of da Vinci's work has lead experts to conclude that he could write and draw with both hands.

Modern Mysteries

$450 million da Vinci painting buyer revealed

 VIDEO  12-9-2017 | 4

The mystery of who paid $450 million for Leonardo da Vinci's 'Salvator Mundi' has now been solved.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery surrounds $450M da Vinci painting

11-16-2017 | 28

The 500-year-old painting, which sold for a record-breaking sum at auction, has a few peculiarities.

Modern Mysteries

Who was Leonardo da Vinci's mystery mother?

5-22-2017 | 7

An Oxford University professor believes he may have pieced together the identity of Leonardo's mother.

Archaeology & History

Mystery Leonardo da Vinci 'relics' discovered

4-21-2017 | 3

Researchers in Italy have located two undisclosed 'relics' that once belonged to da Vinci himself.

Modern Mysteries

Is the Mona Lisa's expression happy or sad ?

3-13-2017 | 14

One of the art world's most hotly debated mysteries may have finally been solved after 500 years.

Modern Mysteries

Da Vinci's scribbles reveal hidden knowledge

7-23-2016 | 5

Sketches demonstrating the laws of friction have been identified within the margins of Da Vinci's notes.

Modern Mysteries

DNA to help solve Leonardo da Vinci mystery

5-6-2016 | 9

Scientists are hoping to extract DNA from skin and hair samples found on some of Da Vinci's paintings.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery of the Mona Lisa's smile solved

8-20-2015 | 14

Researchers have identified a subtle optical illusion responsible for the painting's enigmatic smile.

Modern Mysteries

Figure found hidden in Da Vinci's Mona Lisa

 VIDEO  5-16-2015 | 37

A controversial new video claims to have cracked an alternative version of the Da Vinci code.

Modern Mysteries

Is the Mona Lisa the world's first 3D image ?

5-6-2014 | 13

Leonardo da Vinci's masterpiece is part of a matching pair of paintings that form a 3D image.

Modern Mysteries

Lost Da Vinci painting found in bank vault

10-6-2013 | 10

The priceless painting by Renaissance genius Leonardo Da Vinci depicts noblewoman Isabella d’Este.

Science & Technology

Scientists make world's smallest Mona Lisa

8-7-2013 | 0

Leonardo Da Vinci's masterpiece has become the subject of a remarkable nanoscopic experiment.

Science & Technology

Medical scans confirm Da Vinci's accuracy

3-13-2013 | 14

CT scans have revealed that Leonardo da Vinci's anatomical sketches were startlingly accurate.

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