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Archaeology & History

Half-man, half-mantis petroglyph discovered

3-17-2020 | 6

A unique rock carving of a 'squatter mantis man' with six limbs has been identified at a site in Iran.

World of the Bizarre

'Human Spider' climbs tower, gets arrested

 VIDEO  10-25-2018 | 8

Daredevil climber Alain Robert has climbed up London's Heron Tower with no ropes or safety equipment.

World of the Bizarre

Raccoon climbs up skyscraper in Minnesota

 VIDEO  6-14-2018 | 14

The fearless mammal managed to climb up the vertical outer wall of the 25-storey UBS Tower in St Paul.

Nature & Environment

Four-legged chicken hatches out in Brazil

 VIDEO  3-26-2017 | 8

Despite having two additional limbs, the young chick, which wasn't expected to live, is doing quite well.

World of the Bizarre

Giant seal climbs on car, smashes windscreen

12-27-2016 | 6

A particular large Australian fur seal was seen this week wandering up a street and climbing on to cars.

World of the Bizarre

Man climbs in to toilet, has to be rescued

8-26-2016 | 12

A man in Norway ended up stuck after climbing in to a lavatory to retrieve his friend's mobile phone.


Scientists solve how snakes lost their legs

11-28-2015 | 11

Researchers have revealed that snakes lost their limbs when they began living and hunting in burrows.

World of the Bizarre

86-year-old woman climbs Mount Kilimanjaro

11-9-2015 | 6

In a remarkable feat of old-age endurance, the pensioner reached the summit of Africa's tallest mountain.

Science & Technology

Scientists develop 'feeling' artificial skin

10-19-2015 | 5

A new type of material is able to detect pressure and transmit that information directly to the brain.


'Pre-reptile' was first to stand on four legs

9-21-2015 | 10

A prehistoric reptile the size of a cow may have been the first to ever stand upright on four limbs.

Science & Technology

3D-printed bionic hand wins Dyson prize

 VIDEO  8-27-2015 | 7

A new, inexpensive 3D-printed bionic hand could be the key to making prosthetic limbs affordable to all.


Prehistoric four-legged snake discovered

7-24-2015 | 10

Scientists have unearthed the fossil remains of a strange species of snake with four tiny limbs.

Science & Technology

Scientists create first ever lab-grown limb

6-4-2015 | 15

The possibility of growing replacement limbs for amputees is now one step closer to becoming a reality.

Science & Technology

MIT designs 'Dr Octopus' robotic limbs

 VIDEO  6-7-2014 | 6

Researchers have developed advanced robotic arms similar to those used by Spiderman's nemesis.


Fossil fish discovery reveals origins of limbs

1-14-2014 | 31

A recently discovered prehistoric fish is believed to exhibit an early precursor to modern arms and legs.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Man attempts to paralyze himself

6-4-2013 | 21

Sean O'Connor suffers from a rare disorder that leads him to believe his limbs do not belong to his body.

World of the Bizarre

'Dead' woman climbs out of her coffin

3-5-2012 | 30

Neighbours had assumed the worst when they found the 95-year-old not breathing and motionless.

World of the Bizarre

Man with no limbs to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro

10-13-2011 | 14

25-year-old Kyle Maynard will climb the 19,340ft mountain without using any prosthetics whatsoever.

Science & Technology

The Bionic Man: 'we have the technology'

11-9-2010 | 3

From eye implants to prosthetic limbs we are coming ever closer to a real life bionic man.

World of the Bizarre

Gunther 'Dr Death' von Hagens opens shop

5-29-2010 | 8

Gunther von Hagens has opened a shop selling plasticised limbs and body cuts in his own "cabinet of horrors."

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