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World of the Bizarre

Man wins $10 million lottery jackpot twice in three years

2-28-2022 | 2

As if the odds of winning once weren't high enough - one man has managed to defy them twice.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Dream yields woman's winning lottery numbers

2-1-2021 | 92

A woman from Toronto scooped a $60 million jackpot with numbers picked from the unlikeliest of sources.

World of the Bizarre

Lottery probed after 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 are drawn

12-3-2020 | 4

South Africa's national lottery has come under scrutiny after a perfect progression of numbers was drawn.

World of the Bizarre

Man wins $1M lottery prize twice in one day

4-29-2020 | 9

One fortunate Colorado resident couldn't believe his luck when he managed to scoop two consecutive jackpots.

Science & Technology

Is there a lottery ticket that always wins ?

9-10-2019 | 6

Mathematics researchers in Denmark have finally solved a riddle first put forward all the way back in 1969.

World of the Bizarre

Teenager wins the lottery twice in one week

7-10-2017 | 10

19-year-old Rosa Dominguez struck it rich, not once, but twice after buying two $5 tickets back in June.


Could a lottery help fund the search for ET ?

4-8-2017 | 29

A new paper has suggested using a lottery and savings bond as a way to fund the search for alien life.

World of the Bizarre

Couple celebrate their third huge lottery win

4-6-2017 | 15

Douglas and Barbara Fink, who are from Canada, have won the lottery three times in the last 28 years.

World of the Bizarre

Couple lose out on $52M win due to faulty app

1-3-2016 | 15

A husband and wife from the UK missed out on the lottery jackpot despite matching all six numbers.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Waiter predicts £1M lottery win in a dream

7-15-2014 | 18

A restaurant owner is being forced to share his winnings with a waiter who predicted that he would win.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Psychic quits after winning National Lottery

10-29-2012 | 49

Clairvoyant Beti Schulz has retired after her lottery numbers netted an impressive £2.2 million jackpot.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Psychic predicted £1 million lottery win

1-7-2011 | 15

Psychic Ocean Kinge says she predicted her big win on the lottery several months in advance.

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