Sunday, March 18, 2018
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Teenager wins the lottery twice in one week

Posted on Monday, 10 July, 2017 | Comment icon 10 comments

The double-win netted the 19-year-old a life-changing sum of money. Image Credit:
19-year-old Rosa Dominguez struck it rich, not once, but twice after buying two $5 tickets back in June.
For most people, winning the lottery is a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence, but for one lucky teenage girl recently, two tickets bought from separate gas stations both managed to yield life-changing results.

The first ticket, which she purchased in San Luis Obispo County, netted a $555,555 prize, while the second, which she bought in Monterey County a few days later, went on to net a further $100,000.

"I was so nervous I just wanted to cry," she told lottery officials.

When asked what she was planning to do with her newfound wealth, Rosa said that she would like to go shopping and purchase a new car.

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Tags: Lottery, Luck

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by Myles on 10 July, 2017, 19:04
She's going to be a very popular girl.    Having over $400,000 in the bank will do that.   Hopefully she has a competent advisor.  This could make her life so much better.   Advice I would give her: That new car, don't buy brand new.   Get a slightly used vehicle.   Put $100,000 into 4 separate accounts.   Only one hooked to a debit card or checkbook.   See a financial advisor to invest much of it wisely.    
Comment icon #2 Posted by Darkenpath25 on 10 July, 2017, 20:29
Hopefully she uses it wisely .
Comment icon #3 Posted by King Giovanni on 10 July, 2017, 20:36
Wisely means buying a warehouse full of Jameson whiskeys??
Comment icon #4 Posted by Darkenpath25 on 10 July, 2017, 20:39
Now thats funny and probably true 
Comment icon #5 Posted by Myles on 10 July, 2017, 20:50
Oh no.   Just a few cases.   You can hide a few cases from friends.   Harder to hide a warehouse. 
Comment icon #6 Posted by King Giovanni on 10 July, 2017, 21:37
That's true! Thanks for pointing it out!
Comment icon #7 Posted by Captain Risky on 10 July, 2017, 22:26
Lucky girl.
Comment icon #8 Posted by highdesert50 on 11 July, 2017, 2:43
Amazing probabilities. So, it seems that the miraculous emerges when the probability nears zero.
Comment icon #9 Posted by Ozfactor on 11 July, 2017, 4:47
lucky duck 
Comment icon #10 Posted by taniwha on 11 July, 2017, 7:43
What an great situation to be in where you have an opportunity to help those less fortunate.   Good for her and I wish her very well     

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