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Modern Mysteries

MH370 pilot 'deliberately masked flight path'

5-8-2021 | 22

The pilot of the doomed airliner may have attempted to leave 'false trails' and hide the plane's true trajectory.

Science & Technology

Why can we still recognize someone in a mask ?

5-4-2021 | 5

Despite a face mask covering up most of a person's face, we are still able to recognize who they are at a glance.

Modern Mysteries

Police seek identity of masked 'Slender Man'

4-7-2021 | 17

An eerie masked individual has been captured on security camera in a South Carolina neighborhood.

World of the Bizarre

Man uses live snake as face mask on UK bus

 VIDEO  9-18-2020 | 5

Commuters couldn't believe their eyes this week when a man wearing a large snake got onto the bus.

World of the Bizarre

Diamond-encrusted COVID mask sells for $1.5M

 VIDEO  8-11-2020 | 15

A jeweler in Israel has created and sold what is being described as the world's most expensive COVID mask.

World of the Bizarre

'Plague doctor' terrifies residents in Hellesdon

4-28-2020 | 10

Police in the UK are seeking an individual dressed in full plague doctor attire, complete with pointed 'beak' mask.

Space & Astronomy

Approaching asteroid is 'wearing a face mask'

4-24-2020 | 3

A large asteroid due to pass relatively close to the Earth next week appears to be taking its own precautions.

Science & Technology

Hyper-realistic masks - can you tell what's real ?

 VIDEO  11-27-2019 | 12

A recent study has shown that masks are becoming so realistic that some people can't even tell the difference.

Archaeology & History

Creepy pre-Incan masked idols found in Peru

 VIDEO  10-29-2018 | 4

The unnerving statues, which date back 800 years, were unearthed in the ruins of the ancient city of Chan Chan.

Modern Mysteries

Who was the mysterious Man in the Iron Mask?

5-8-2016 | 8

History professor Paul Sonnino believes he has finally uncovered the story of the man behind the mask.


Can we mask the Earth from hostile aliens ?

4-2-2016 | 50

A new study has suggested that it may be possible to stop alien civilizations from discovering us.

Archaeology & History

King Tut's beard falls off in weird accident

1-23-2015 | 45

Part of King Tutankhamun's famous burial mask broke off this week and had to be glued back on.

Ghosts & Hauntings

'Jinn' tree cut down in Maldives attack

4-14-2014 | 34

A group of masked men targeted the tree after it had been blamed for the possession of three children.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery man haunts Swiss woods for 10 years

9-12-2013 | 58

A strange man in a gask mask and military clothing has been sighted numerous times over the last decade.

Science & Technology

Scientists create lucid dreaming mask

5-23-2012 | 25

Duncan Frazier and Steve McGuigan have built a device that they claim can let you control your dreams.

Archaeology & History

Mask found inside Pyramid of the Sun

2-5-2012 | 9

A number of artefacts have been discovered within the Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacan in Mexico.

World of the Bizarre

Pyjama-clad Ninja brings justice to streets

4-28-2011 | 26

A masked vigilante has taken justice in to his own hands on the streets of Royal Tunbridge Wells.

World of the Bizarre

Masked superhero fights Seattle crime

1-10-2011 | 66

Seattle crime is being disrupted by a costumed crusader calling himself Phoenix Jones.

World of the Bizarre

Bizarre achievements win Ig Nobel prizes

10-3-2009 | 9

A number of unusual achievements have been honoured with this year's Ig Nobel prize including a designer who invented a ...

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