Saturday, December 3, 2022
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Space & Astronomy

Who exactly has permission to mine resources on the Moon ?

8-24-2022 | 48

In the near future, new international laws and agreements will be needed to govern resource mining on the lunar surface.

Space & Astronomy

Trump signs order to mine space resources

4-13-2020 | 16

The US President has signed a new executive order to support the acquisition of resources in space.

Science & Technology

Human lifespan is only 38 years, study claims

12-14-2019 | 52

A new method for determining lifespans from DNA has offered up a perplexing figure for our 'natural' lifespan.

Space & Astronomy

Asteroid mining could be worth trillions

4-22-2018 | 7

According to Goldman Sachs, asteroid mining has the potential to produce the world's first trillionaires.

Science & Technology

'World's loneliest tree' records new epoch

2-21-2018 | 5

A solitary tree on an island in New Zealand may hold the key to determining the beginning of the Anthropocene.

Space & Astronomy

NASA to probe $10,000 quadrillion asteroid

5-25-2017 | 10

The iron-rich asteroid 16 Psyche is so valuable that, if mined, it would collapse the global economy.

Modern Mysteries

Poland's Crooked Forest remains a mystery

4-2-2017 | 17

Experts are no closer to determining why the trees outside Gryfino, Poland are all bent out of shape.

Science & Technology

Man finds 706-carat diamond in Sierra Leone

3-17-2017 | 12

Pastor Emmanuel Momoh discovered the monster-sized diamond while mining in the country's Kono region.

Space & Astronomy

Can asteroids be turned in to spaceships ?

6-11-2016 | 16

NASA is funding a new concept that could equip small asteroids with 3D-printed propulsion systems.

Space & Astronomy

Russia calculates how to nuke an asteroid

2-29-2016 | 20

Russian scientists have been determining how to use nuclear weapons to protect the Earth from asteroids.

Science & Technology

Gene therapy may be able to make you smarter

12-23-2015 | 5

Scientists have discovered the region of the brain responsible for determining human intelligence.

Space & Astronomy

US senate votes to legalize space mining

11-13-2015 | 31

A new bill has been approved that will make it possible for companies to mine resources from asteroids.

Space & Astronomy

$5 trillion asteroid to pass us by on Sunday

 VIDEO  7-17-2015 | 24

A nearby asteroid loaded with a platinum core is thought to be worth an unfathomable amount of money.

Science & Technology

New super-powerful microscope unveiled

2-19-2015 | 10

The SuperSTEM 3 is capable of examining objects a million times smaller than a human hair.

Science & Technology

Can your birth season affect your mood ?

10-22-2014 | 32

The time of the year in which you were born may play a role in determining your temperament as an adult.

Space & Astronomy

Are asteroids actually worth mining ?

1-14-2014 | 8

A new study has suggested that very few nearby asteroids are suitable for commercial-scale mining.

Space & Astronomy

Robert Bigelow sets sights on lunar mining

11-14-2013 | 33

The Bigelow Aerospace Inc. chief is calling for the rights to conduct mining operations on the moon.

Space & Astronomy

Lunar mining now one step closer

2-25-2013 | 7

Researchers in Australia have developed a substance that closely resembles the soil found on the Moon.

Space & Astronomy

Solar system 'habitable zone' redefined

1-31-2013 | 26

Scientists have updated their calculations for determining if a planet is likely to support life.

Space & Astronomy

Robotic space mining fleet announced

1-23-2013 | 17

Deep Space Industries has announced plans to launch a fleet of asteroid prospecting spacecraft.

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