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Space & Astronomy

Flowing ice and a red haze found on Pluto

7-25-2015 | 96

New Horizons principal investigator Alan Stern has referred to the planet as a 'scientific wonderland'.

Space & Astronomy

New mountain range revealed on Pluto

7-22-2015 | 96

New images from the New Horizons probe have revealed another vast region of mountains on Pluto's surface.

Space & Astronomy

First close-up pictures of Pluto revealed

7-16-2015 | 96

The first ever high resolution images of the surface of Pluto have been unveiled at a press conference.

Space & Astronomy

New Horizons probe has arrived at Pluto

7-14-2015 | 96

NASA has confirmed today that the New Horizons probe has successfully made its closest approach to Pluto.

Space & Astronomy

Giant 'heart' spotted in close-ups of Pluto

7-10-2015 | 17

The latest photographs from New Horizons show a distinctive heart shape on the surface of Pluto.

Space & Astronomy

NASA's New Horizons probe suffers anomaly

7-5-2015 | 33

Just 10 days away from reaching Pluto the spacecraft has suffered an unexplained communications failure.

Space & Astronomy

New Horizons spots polar ice cap on Pluto

5-2-2015 | 9

The approaching spacecraft has snapped photographs of what appears to be polar ice on the dwarf planet.

Space & Astronomy

New Horizons prepares for Pluto encounter

4-12-2015 | 7

After a journey of more than three billion miles the probe is expected to reach its destination in July.

Space & Astronomy

New Horizons approaches Pluto after 9 years

1-5-2015 | 28

The long-running NASA spacecraft will soon become the first ever to visit this distant, icy world.

Space & Astronomy

New Horizons films Charon orbiting Pluto

 VIDEO  8-13-2014 | 11

The New Horizons spacecraft has managed to capture the orbit of Pluto's largest moon like never before.

Space & Astronomy

Does Pluto's moon have a subsurface ocean ?

6-14-2014 | 3

New Horizons will be looking for signs of a subterranean sea when it reaches Pluto and Charon next year.

Space & Astronomy

Does Pluto have a subterranean ocean ?

4-16-2014 | 16

A new theory suggests that Pluto, like Europa and Enceladus, may be home to a liquid water ocean.

Space & Astronomy

Pluto spacecraft spots Charon for first time

7-12-2013 | 11

NASA's New Horizons spacecraft has celebrated another milestone - its first photograph of Charon.

Space & Astronomy

Pluto debris poses risk to New Horizons

10-24-2012 | 11

Dangerous debris orbiting around Pluto could prove a hazard to NASA's approaching New Horizons probe.

Space & Astronomy

Hew Horizons still on course for Pluto

9-6-2011 | 11

NASA's New Horizons probe is still hurtling towards Pluto at a speed of 1 million miles a day.

Space & Astronomy

Pluto spacecraft crosses halfway mark

12-30-2009 |

NASA's New Horizons spacecraft is the fastest manmade object ever built, taking only a year to move beyond Jupiter follo...

Space & Astronomy

New Horizons spacecraft is half way to Pluto

11-22-2009 | 11

NASA's New Horizons spacecraft launched in 2006 and has since been travelling towards Pluto, a historic 3-billion-mile, ...

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