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Modern Mysteries

Was Amelia Earhart eaten by giant crabs ?

 VIDEO  11-14-2017 | 15

If the famed aviator really had crash-landed on the atoll of Nikumaroro, what happened to her remains ?

Modern Mysteries

Have dogs sniffed out Amelia Earhart's remains?

7-10-2017 | 17

Sniffer dogs have detected possible human remains during an investigation on the island of Nikumaroro.

Modern Mysteries

Dogs to hunt for Amelia Earhart's remains

6-21-2017 | 16

The forensic animals will be used to help sniff out the aviator's final resting place on Nikumaroro.

Space & Astronomy

Mystery object 'Niku' is traveling backwards

8-13-2016 | 39

A strange object spotted beyond the orbit of Neptune appears to be going around the sun in reverse.

Modern Mysteries

Is Amelia Earhart's plane in Nikumaroro ?

5-30-2015 | 7

Researchers will be attempting to locate the remains of the famed aviator's aircraft next month.

Modern Mysteries

DNA test to help solve Earhart mystery

2-21-2011 | 7

Researchers are hoping to determine whether a bone found on Nikumaroro is from the famed aviator.

Modern Mysteries

Amelia Earhart mystery solved ?

8-2-2009 | 18

Researchers believe they are on the verge of solving one of aviation's greatest mysteries - the disappearance of Amelia ...

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