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Space & Astronomy

Nearby star may have nine extrasolar planets

4-7-2012 | 6

At 127 light years distant the HD 10180 system shares many similarities with our own Solar System.

Space & Astronomy

NASA to scale back Mars budget

2-13-2012 | 23

NASA executives are to make significant cuts to its exploration of other planets in our solar system.

Space & Astronomy

Every star has planets, new study suggests

1-12-2012 | 13

A team of scientists has found evidence to suggest that every star in the universe has planets.

Space & Astronomy

Can Earth survive the Sun as a red giant ?

12-23-2011 | 11

Two planets have been found that appear to have survived their star's destructive red giant phase.


SETI to focus on extrasolar planets

12-8-2011 | 38

SETI are back thanks to new funding and is turning its attention towards newly discovered alien worlds.

Space & Astronomy

50 new extrasolar planets discovered

9-13-2011 | 106

Astronomers have announced the discovery of 50 exoplanets, one of which could be habitable.


Alien life more likely on 'Dune' planets

9-4-2011 | 75

Life in the universe may be most likely to exist on desert planets rather than Earth-like worlds.

Science & Technology

The world's largest solar-powered boat

5-30-2011 | 5

The Turanor PlanetSolar is circumnavigating the world's oceans to prove that renewable energy can work.


Search begins for life on 86 planets

5-15-2011 | 21

A giant radio telescope has started listening for signs of ET on 86 earth-like extrasolar planets.


Interstellar planets could harbour life

5-15-2011 | 20

Planets that exist on their own away from stars or orbits could potentially host alien life.

Space & Astronomy

Two planets discovered sharing one orbit

2-28-2011 | 32

Kepler has found something unlike anything seen before - two planets sharing the same orbit.


Planet discovery rekindles ET life debate

2-25-2011 | 33

Recent discoveries of planets outside our solar system make finding alien life seem more and more likely.


500m planets in our galaxy could support life

2-21-2011 | 45

Data from NASA's Kepler telescope suggests there are 50 billion planets in the Milky Way.

Space & Astronomy

Kepler telescope finds over 1,200 planets

2-3-2011 | 154

It is believed that more than 50 of those discovered may be able to support life as we know it.

Space & Astronomy

Amateur astronomer discovers new planets

1-6-2011 | 17

A 45-year-old gas worker has discovered four new planets from home in his own spare time.


Can we find trees on other planets ?

1-4-2011 | 9

Two scientists have come up with a method to detect forests on extrasolar worlds.

Space & Astronomy

Two planets, two stars, one system

10-28-2010 | 0

Astronomers have discovered two Jupiter-like planets orbiting two close sister stars.

Space & Astronomy

Alien oceans could be detected by telescopes

9-12-2010 | 1

Scientists are hopeful that a space telescope to be launched in 2014 will be able to see oceans on other planets.

Space & Astronomy

Temperate planet found in distant solar system

3-18-2010 | 5

Astronomers have discovered a Jupiter sized exoplanet that resembles planets in our own solar system.

Space & Astronomy

Habitable planet discovery "within four years"

1-10-2010 | 11

Astronomers say they are on the verge of discovering habitable Earth-like planets in orbit around distant stars.

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