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Tuesday, November 30, 2021
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The UFO Phenomenon

Nick Pope debunks 'flying saucer' photograph

3-16-2021 | 10

A recent image of an alleged UFO in England has been thoroughly debunked by the former MoD investigator.

The UFO Phenomenon

Nick Pope: 'clock is ticking' on UFO disclosure

1-10-2021 | 18

The Former MoD UFO researcher maintains that US officials have already shared UFO data with the UK.

The UFO Phenomenon

Is this the best time to look for UFOs ?

5-24-2020 | 5

Low pollution levels and fewer aircraft during lockdown could make this an ideal opportunity to go sky-watching.

The UFO Phenomenon

Nick Pope on government secrecy and UFOs

 VIDEO  5-20-2020 | 10

The former UFO investigator for the Ministry of Defense recently spoke out in an interview with Jazz Shaw.

The UFO Phenomenon

Tucker Carlson: 'US has physical UFO evidence'

11-30-2019 | 28

The Fox News host made some interesting comments during a recent interview on an 'Ancient Aliens' episode.


Vatican's 'secret archives' are no longer secret

10-29-2019 | 19

A vast repository of manuscripts dating back over a thousand years has been officially renamed by the Pope.


Pope attributes 'miracle' to late televangelist

7-8-2019 | 33

Pope Francis has declared that Fulton J Sheen, who died in 1979, is responsible for saving a baby's life.

Science & Technology

Popeye was right: spinach makes you strong

6-25-2019 | 19

Scientists have called for a chemical in spinach to be added to the list of banned substances for athletes.

The UFO Phenomenon

Nick Pope: 'UFOs have now gone mainstream'

 VIDEO  5-31-2019 | 25

The former UFO investigator for the Ministry of Defense argues that UFOs are no longer a fringe topic.


Woman dies while hunting legendary monster

4-26-2016 | 25

Roquel Bain was struck by a train while seeking a creature that is said to lure people on to the tracks.


Child's tumor shrinks after kiss from Pope

11-24-2015 | 163

A baby's unexpected recovery has been attributed to divine intervention after a meeting with the Pope.


Pope Francis credited with performing miracle

3-25-2015 | 78

A relic containing the blood of a 3rd century saint appeared to liquify after the Pope kissed it.


Pope Francis says he would baptise aliens

5-13-2014 | 131

The Pope has stated that the doors of the church are open to everyone - including extraterrestrials.


Pope blesses Harley Davidsons

6-19-2013 | 35

Pope Francis blessed thousands of the bikes and their riders at an anniversary parade on Sunday.


Vatican denies Pope performed exorcism

5-22-2013 | 21

Claims that TV images show Pope Francis performing an exorcism have been denied by the Vatican.


Pope disputes the date of Jesus' birth

11-23-2012 | 125

Pope Benedict has claimed that Jesus was actually born several years earlier than currently thought.

The UFO Phenomenon

Nick Pope warns of UFOs at the Olympics

6-10-2012 | 111

Former MoD investigator Nick Pope has warned of potential UFO activity over London during the Olympics.


Cardinal predicts Pope's death within a year

2-11-2012 | 39

The Vatican are investigating the remarkable claim made by Cardinal Paolo Romeo on a visit to China.


Pope chased demons from St. Peter's Square

2-5-2012 | 25

A leading Catholic exorcist has revealed an alleged incident in which the Pope exorcised two men.


Body of Pope John Paul II exhumed

4-30-2011 | 44

The late Pope's body has been exhumed from the Basilica crypts ahead of his beatification on Sunday.

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