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Archaeology & History

Archaeologists have unearthed the tomb of the real-life Santa Claus

10-19-2022 | 28

The tomb of St Nicholas - the real-life inspiration behind Santa Claus - lived and died around 1,700 years ago.


Doubts cast on the remains of Jesus' brother

3-11-2021 | 3

A new analysis of bones said to belong to Saint James has revealed that they may not be his after all.

The UFO Phenomenon

Guernsey fisherman records footage of UFO

 VIDEO  9-26-2019 | 21

Saints Bay Hotel manager Ashraf Elsergany noticed the mystery object while fishing in L'Ancresse bay.

Archaeology & History

'Santa's bone' dates back to time of St. Nick

12-6-2017 | 6

Scientists have radiocarbon dated a small fragment of bone that may have belonged to Saint Nicholas.

World of the Bizarre

Zoinks! Mystery Machine crashes in to a house

5-14-2016 | 18

Scooby Doo's famous van made an impromptu visit to a home in Minneapolis–Saint Paul on Friday morning.


Sainthood bid for priest aboard the Titanic

4-13-2015 | 40

Father Thomas Byles went down with the doomed vessel after twice refusing to leave on a lifeboat.


Pope Francis credited with performing miracle

3-25-2015 | 78

A relic containing the blood of a 3rd century saint appeared to liquify after the Pope kissed it.

Science & Technology

Is the Yellowstone supervolcano dying ?

3-27-2014 | 42

In the event of an eruption the volcano could spew out 2,000 times the debris of Mount Saint Helen's.


Vatican to make John Paul II a saint

7-6-2013 | 67

The late pontiff is set to be canonized after a second miracle has been attributed to his intervention.


Miracle recovery linked to potential saint

12-22-2011 | 3

An 11-year-old boy who contracted a flesh-eating bacteria is fully recovered thanks to Blessed Kateri.

Archaeology & History

Saints buried alive in ancient Rome

4-24-2011 | 11

Two skeletons found in a crypt are believed to be of two saints buried alive almost 2000 years ago.


Cause of death of Italian saint uncovered

6-12-2010 | 2

Italian saint Santa Rosa who died 700 years ago is thought to have suffered a fatal blood clot in the heart.

Modern Mysteries

French bread spiked in CIA experiment

3-11-2010 | 49

The cursed bread of Pont-Saint-Esprit 50 years ago has turned out to have been a CIA mind control experiment.

Archaeology & History

Father Christmas 'buried in Ireland'

12-15-2009 | 8

Historians believe that the remains of the man who inspired Father Christmas, St Nicholas, are buried in Ireland. He liv...

The UFO Phenomenon

Triangular UFO spotted over Russia

10-29-2009 | 4

Earlier this month residents of Saint Petersburg sighted a triangular object hovering over apartment buildings, the obje...

Archaeology & History

Body of Saint Paul believed found

7-1-2009 | 27

The Pope has delivered the news that the body of Saint Paul has been found, the discovery came after fragments of bone f...

Ghosts & Hauntings

Old photograph shows 'saintly' apparition

2-5-2009 | 14

An intriguing photograph in the possession of two twins of their great-grandfather taken 100 years ago in Scotland appea...

World of the Bizarre

Baby born with 12 fingers, 12 toes

2-2-2009 | 17

A baby born in San Francisco's Saint Luke's Hospital recently shocked both parents and doctors alike when it was discove...

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