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Space & Astronomy

What would life on Titan be like ?

3-1-2015 | 6

Scientists have come up with a concept for a life form that could survive on Saturn's moon Titan.

Space & Astronomy

'Super Saturn' has gigantic ring system

1-30-2015 | 6

Astronomers have found a planet with rings over 200 times larger than those found around Saturn.

Space & Astronomy

New video celebrates 10 years on Titan

 VIDEO  1-15-2015 | 6

The tenth anniversary of Huygens' descent on to the Saturnian moon has been marked with a new video.

Space & Astronomy

Mystery of Titan's sand dunes solved

12-10-2014 | 7

Scientists have determined how huge sand dunes up to 300ft high managed to form on the Saturnian moon.

Space & Astronomy

Cassini spies sun glinting on Titan's seas

10-31-2014 | 13

NASA's Cassini spacecraft has captured images of sunlight glinting on Titan's hydrocarbon oceans.

Space & Astronomy

'Death Star' moon hides mystery interior

10-17-2014 | 8

There is now believed to be something mysterious lurking below the surface of Saturn's moon Mimas.

Science & Technology

World's biggest laser crushes diamond

7-18-2014 | 6

A giant laser has been used to simulate the pressures present within the cores of the gas giant planets.

Space & Astronomy

Titan's ocean could be as salty as Dead Sea

7-3-2014 | 13

The ocean thought to lie within Saturn's largest moon may contain significant quantities of salt.

Space & Astronomy

Mystery 'magic island' spotted on Titan

6-23-2014 | 29

A strange object in one of Titan's largest seas has been mysteriously appearing and disappearing.

Space & Astronomy

NASA may send quadcopter to Titan

6-20-2014 | 6

The space agency may use a drone to help explore the terrain of Saturn's enigmatic moon.

Space & Astronomy

NASA aims to sail across Titan's alien seas

5-28-2014 | 6

The only known moon with a thick atmosphere, Titan has been a prime target of interest for scientists.

Space & Astronomy

Scientists confirm 'great lake' on Enceladus

4-4-2014 | 17

New data from the Cassini space probe has confirmed the presence of water under the moon's surface.

Space & Astronomy

Astronomers discover signs of waves on Titan

3-18-2014 | 12

Saturn's enigmatic moon Titan could be home to the first known ocean waves outside of the Earth.

Space & Astronomy

Cassini photographs Titan's land of lakes

10-26-2013 | 15

NASA's Cassini spacecraft has captured an image showing lakes dotted over the surface of Titan.

Space & Astronomy

Diamond rain may fall on Jupiter and Saturn

10-10-2013 | 14

The two largest planets in our solar system may be home to diamond rain and liquid diamond oceans.

Space & Astronomy

NASA reveals images of giant storm on Saturn

4-30-2013 | 25

A huge storm at Saturn's north pole is 20 times larger and 4 times as powerful as storms on Earth.

Space & Astronomy

Cassini spots Nile-like river on Titan

12-15-2012 | 26

The massive hydrocarbon-filled river snakes its way over more than 250 miles of the Saturnian moon.

Space & Astronomy

Ice avalanches found on Iapetus

8-1-2012 | 8

Huge and destructive landslides have been discovered on Iapetus, one of the moons of Saturn.

Space & Astronomy

Internal heat fuels Saturn's jet streams

6-27-2012 | 1

Scientists believe they have solved the mystery of what is powering Saturn's turbulent jet streams.

Space & Astronomy

Cassini photographs Enceladus geysers

3-31-2012 | 0

The Cassini spacecraft has captured new images of the geysers on Saturn's icy moon Enceladus.

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