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Saturday, December 4, 2021
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Space & Astronomy

NASA considers Titan sample return mission

5-31-2021 | 0

A mission to collect samples from Saturn's moon Titan and return them to Earth could be on the cards.


Man 'from Saturn' is suing the US government

12-23-2020 | 11

The man, who filed the lawsuit earlier this month, claims that he is from the 'sixth planet of our solar system'.

Space & Astronomy

Did a 9th planet 'escape' billions of years ago ?

11-29-2020 | 5

Scientists have found evidence to suggest that another world once existed between Uranus and Saturn.


Voyager scientist: 'Enceladus may harbor life'

1-11-2020 | 2

The scientific helm of NASA's historic Voyager missions has suggested that we revisit Saturn's icy moon.

Space & Astronomy

NASA announces 'Dragonfly' mission to Titan

 VIDEO  6-27-2019 | 38

A new $850 million drone-like lander will be venturing on to (and above) the surface of Saturn's enigmatic moon.

Space & Astronomy

Fusion could power spacecraft within 10 years

 VIDEO  6-17-2019 | 3

A new type of nuclear fusion propulsion system could see spacecraft make it to Saturn in a matter of months.

Space & Astronomy

Saturn's rings are gradually disappearing

 VIDEO  12-19-2018 | 9

A new study has revealed that Saturn's rings may be slowly falling on to the gas giant as 'ring rain'.

Space & Astronomy

Mysterious straight lines discovered on Dione

10-30-2018 | 1

One of Saturn's moons has thrown up a new mystery in the form of oddly straight lines etched in to its surface.

Space & Astronomy

Eerie space sounds recorded around Saturn

 VIDEO  7-11-2018 | 7

Back in 2017, Cassini picked up the sounds of plasma waves travelling between Saturn and Enceladus.

Space & Astronomy

Large organic molecules found on Enceladus

6-27-2018 | 9

Scientists have determined that Saturn's icy moon has 'all of the basic requirements for life as we know it'.


Methane on Enceladus could be from alien life

3-1-2018 | 1

New laboratory experiments have added support to the idea that microbes could be living on Saturn's icy moon.

Space & Astronomy

Saturn's moon Titan has its own sea level

1-19-2018 | 5

Just like the oceans here on Earth, Titan's hydrocarbon seas and lakes lie at an average elevation.

Space & Astronomy

Helicopter drone could one day explore Titan

12-26-2017 | 3

NASA is considering a mission to Saturn's moon Titan that would use a drone to scout across large areas.

Space & Astronomy

NASA reveals Cassini 'farewell Saturn' image

11-22-2017 | 11

A breathtaking mosaic of the iconic ringed gas giant has been put together by the Cassini mission team.

Space & Astronomy

Saturn's rings are raining down methane

10-18-2017 | 1

NASA has revealed the discovery of methane and other chemicals in the gas giant's upper atmosphere.

Space & Astronomy

Cassini is destroyed as it flies in to Saturn

 VIDEO  9-15-2017 | 34

One of the greatest robotic space missions of all time has finally reached its inevitable conclusion.

Space & Astronomy

Cassini set for total destruction on Friday

9-11-2017 | 34

NASA's long-lived Cassini spacecraft will begin its final descent in to Saturn's atmosphere this week.

Space & Astronomy

Did Saturn's rings form relatively recently ?

8-30-2017 | 9

New data from Cassini has suggested that Saturn's rings may only be around 100 million years old.

Space & Astronomy

Cassini flies in to Saturn's upper atmosphere

8-14-2017 | 3

The spacecraft embarked upon the first of its final five orbits around the gas giant earlier today.

Space & Astronomy

Cassini finds building blocks of life on Titan

7-29-2017 | 9

Saturn's mysterious moon Titan may be a lot more habitable than scientists had previously believed.

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