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Space & Astronomy

Will Saturn's rings really disappear in 2025 and if so, where will they go ?

11-20-2023 | 10

Astrophysicist Jonti Horner takes a look at what will actually happen to Saturn's rings in the near future.

Space & Astronomy

Distant dwarf planet has its own unique ring system

2-10-2023 | 5

It turns out that Saturn and the other gas giants are not the only planetary bodies in our solar system to have rings.

Space & Astronomy

Discovery of 12 new moons around Jupiter breaks Saturn's record

2-9-2023 | 6

Jupiter's status as the planet with the most moons in our solar system has now officially been restored.

Space & Astronomy

Did Saturn kill one of its own moons? The evidence is in its rings

9-17-2022 | 3

A new study has further cemented the notion that Saturn's rings are made up of what's left of one of its former moons.

Space & Astronomy

NASA considers Titan sample return mission

5-31-2021 | 0

A mission to collect samples from Saturn's moon Titan and return them to Earth could be on the cards.

World of the Bizarre

Man 'from Saturn' is suing the US government

12-23-2020 | 11

The man, who filed the lawsuit earlier this month, claims that he is from the 'sixth planet of our solar system'.

Space & Astronomy

Did a 9th planet 'escape' billions of years ago ?

11-29-2020 | 5

Scientists have found evidence to suggest that another world once existed between Uranus and Saturn.


Voyager scientist: 'Enceladus may harbor life'

1-11-2020 | 2

The scientific helm of NASA's historic Voyager missions has suggested that we revisit Saturn's icy moon.

Space & Astronomy

NASA announces 'Dragonfly' mission to Titan

 VIDEO  6-27-2019 | 38

A new $850 million drone-like lander will be venturing on to (and above) the surface of Saturn's enigmatic moon.

Space & Astronomy

Fusion could power spacecraft within 10 years

 VIDEO  6-17-2019 | 3

A new type of nuclear fusion propulsion system could see spacecraft make it to Saturn in a matter of months.

Space & Astronomy

Saturn's rings are gradually disappearing

 VIDEO  12-19-2018 | 9

A new study has revealed that Saturn's rings may be slowly falling on to the gas giant as 'ring rain'.

Space & Astronomy

Mysterious straight lines discovered on Dione

10-30-2018 | 1

One of Saturn's moons has thrown up a new mystery in the form of oddly straight lines etched in to its surface.

Space & Astronomy

Eerie space sounds recorded around Saturn

 VIDEO  7-11-2018 | 7

Back in 2017, Cassini picked up the sounds of plasma waves travelling between Saturn and Enceladus.

Space & Astronomy

Large organic molecules found on Enceladus

6-27-2018 | 9

Scientists have determined that Saturn's icy moon has 'all of the basic requirements for life as we know it'.


Methane on Enceladus could be from alien life

3-1-2018 | 1

New laboratory experiments have added support to the idea that microbes could be living on Saturn's icy moon.

Space & Astronomy

Saturn's moon Titan has its own sea level

1-19-2018 | 5

Just like the oceans here on Earth, Titan's hydrocarbon seas and lakes lie at an average elevation.

Space & Astronomy

Helicopter drone could one day explore Titan

12-26-2017 | 3

NASA is considering a mission to Saturn's moon Titan that would use a drone to scout across large areas.

Space & Astronomy

NASA reveals Cassini 'farewell Saturn' image

11-22-2017 | 11

A breathtaking mosaic of the iconic ringed gas giant has been put together by the Cassini mission team.

Space & Astronomy

Saturn's rings are raining down methane

10-18-2017 | 1

NASA has revealed the discovery of methane and other chemicals in the gas giant's upper atmosphere.

Space & Astronomy

Cassini is destroyed as it flies in to Saturn

 VIDEO  9-15-2017 | 34

One of the greatest robotic space missions of all time has finally reached its inevitable conclusion.

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