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Space & Astronomy

US Space Force reveals its new uniform design

9-22-2021 | 8

The US Space Force has unveiled its prototype uniform design... which looks surprisingly familiar to sci-fi fans.

Space & Astronomy

Space Force members now called 'guardians'

12-19-2020 | 10

Service members of the recently established US Space Force have been given a rather familiar new title.

Space & Astronomy

US Space Force could put troops in space

10-1-2020 | 6

Maj. Gen. John E. Shaw has suggested that US Space Force troops will eventually be sent into space.

Space & Astronomy

Pentagon to build first military space station ?

7-19-2020 | 18

The US Space Force is reportedly working on plans for an experimental outpost in orbit around the Earth.

Space & Astronomy

US Space Force acquires first offensive weapon

4-27-2020 | 0

The newest branch of the US military has taken delivery of its first weapon, but it's probably not what you think.

Space & Astronomy

First US Space Force satellite has launched

 VIDEO  3-27-2020 | 3

A 'jam-proof' communications satellite for the newest branch of the US military has successfully launched.

Space & Astronomy

Space Force logo looks like it's from Star Trek

1-25-2020 | 35

President Donald Trump has revealed the official logo for the US Space Force - and it looks somewhat familiar...


Secret US space programs to be declassified ?

12-16-2019 | 12

Key government officials have agreed on the importance of declassifying space-based US military projects.

The UFO Phenomenon

Activist: 'UFOs may be USSF black projects'

11-2-2019 | 61

Nuclear activist Bruce Gagnon has suggested that some UFOs may be 'black budget' Space Force vehicles.

Space & Astronomy

Ted Cruz warns about dangers of space pirates

5-24-2019 | 41

The US Senator maintains that Trump's Space Force will be needed to protect spacecraft from marauders.

Space & Astronomy

Pence: US Space Force to be set up by 2020

8-13-2018 | 28

Trump's plan to establish American dominance in space could be set in motion sooner rather than later.

Space & Astronomy

Trump orders creation of a US 'space force'

 VIDEO  6-19-2018 | 222

This brand new branch of the US military will aim to establish American dominance in outer space.

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