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The UFO Phenomenon

Activist: 'UFOs may be USSF black projects'

By T.K. Randall
November 2, 2019 · Comment icon 61 comments

Will the next-generation stealth bomber fly in space ? Image Credit: YouTube / Northrop Grumman
Nuclear activist Bruce Gagnon has suggested that some UFOs may be 'black budget' Space Force vehicles.
A former Air Force veteran who served in Vietnam, Gagnon is the coordinator of the 'Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space' and has been involved in numerous campaigns and protests condemning the use of nuclear arms and the potential proliferation of weapons in space.

He is particularly concerned about the so-called Space Force that US President Donald Trump announced back in June 2018. Set up to prevent countries such as Russia and China from gaining a foothold before the United States, this new branch of the military could ultimately lead to full-on space conflicts and the development of space-based weapons platforms in orbit around the Earth.

In a recent interview with The Daily Star, Gagnon even suggested that some of the UFOs people have been seeing are actually prototype Space Force vehicles developed in secret on a 'black budget'.

"I think it's possible, I spoke about the secret military budget, the black budget and the development of advanced technologies, and it is possible that some of these so-called crafts are these new technologies," he said.
He even recalled witnessing a photograph of one such vehicle while attending a Space Militarisation Peace talk. It was the Northrop Grumman B-21 Raider - an upcoming long-range stealth bomber capable of delivering conventional and nuclear payloads.

He noted that the image, which hasn't been made public, "was like something out of space."

"I'm sure they're testing technologies for space warfare that we can't even imagine, that I know for sure," he said.

"They're now training people, young people, they have space camps around the United States. They bring them in and get them excited they then move them into the Air Force Academy and are given a heavy indoctrination on warfare and space."

Source: Sputnik International | Comments (61)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #52 Posted by stereologist 3 years ago
Seems that this is a disputed quote. Later Rich writes  
Comment icon #53 Posted by Robotic Jew 3 years ago
My wife hits me when I tell her that ball lightning is how we ended up with our kids...
Comment icon #54 Posted by Robotic Jew 3 years ago
I really wish people in charge of investigating such things would refrain from having a sense of humor. 
Comment icon #55 Posted by quillius 3 years ago
i agree it is disputed, though I have never seen the link you provided so thank you for that.... from the link you provided here is an interesting rebuttal: i remember trying very hard to get some footage of one of his speeches but never could.....I did come across a whole range of info at the time but from memory nothing conclusive either way
Comment icon #56 Posted by Vaz 3 years ago
"TESTIMONY OF A FIRST HAND WITNESS, and a very credible one, whose integrity has never been questioned. Worth far, far more than ideas dreamt up by some skeptoid with a confirmation bias to feed, posting fictional stories designed only to suit a very narrow and limited mind. Who you gonna believe? I know where I’d put my money!"   Many would do well on this forum to reflect hard on this.
Comment icon #57 Posted by stereologist 3 years ago
More boring appeals to authority. The issue is evidence and not story telling.
Comment icon #58 Posted by ocpaul20 3 years ago
I wonder what authorities you listen to? Evidence comes in many forms not just cherry-picked to satisfy an agenda.
Comment icon #59 Posted by DieChecker 3 years ago
My wife hit me after I said, "Oh, our beautiful blond star children"... After I told her what a star child was. 
Comment icon #60 Posted by stereologist 3 years ago
The problem with an appeal to authority is that it attempts to avoid the evidence by discussing the messenger and not the message. The poster that made the comment is more interested in the messenger. I posted a link and material that shows the nature of the comment and the context in which it was made. It was a repeated joke or did you miss that part?
Comment icon #61 Posted by Golden Duck 3 years ago
JH: Can you tell me how it works? BR: Let me ask you, how does ESP work? JH: I don’t know; all points in time and space are connected? BR: That’s how it works. [exits] So that exchange happened. Cool.

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