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Science & Technology

Blue tarantulas lead to color breakthrough

2-9-2017 | 2

The unusual hue of certain tarantulas has been helping scientists develop vibrant new 3D-printed colors.

Science & Technology

Scientists invent UV 'Spider-Man' adhesive

1-24-2017 | 10

German scientists have developed a new type of super-strong adhesive that reacts to ultraviolet light.

Nature & Environment

Hordes of spider crabs gather near Melbourne

 VIDEO  6-17-2016 | 9

An Australian aquatic scientist has captured footage of the crustaceans congregating in Port Phillip Bay.

Nature & Environment

Brian the 'surfing' spider can walk on water

3-10-2016 | 7

A newly discovered species of spider in Australia spends most of its time hunting in freshwater streams.

Science & Technology

Scientists rule out real-life Spider-Man

1-20-2016 | 10

Climbing up a vertical wall like the popular Marvel superhero would actually require size 114 feet.

Nature & Environment

Gigantic sea spiders reported at the poles

 VIDEO  12-30-2015 | 16

Scientists have discovered that some species of sea spider have been growing to abnormally large sizes.

World of the Bizarre

Police called over man's battle with a spider

11-27-2015 | 15

Police officers in Sydney, Australia were called to the scene of a possible domestic violence incident.

World of the Bizarre

Man ignites gas station trying to kill spider

 VIDEO  9-27-2015 | 45

A man in Detroit managed to set a gas station on fire while trying to use his lighter to kill a spider.

World of the Bizarre

Man receives giant spider through the post

9-3-2015 | 11

A man in the UK was shocked when he found a huge tarantula in a parcel that was sent to his house.

Nature & Environment

Spiders can sail across water like ships

7-4-2015 | 5

It turns out that spiders are able to traverse expanses of water using their silk as a makeshift sail.

Nature & Environment

Australian town invaded by 25,000 tarantulas

6-27-2015 | 25

Scientists have been left perplexed after hordes of large spiders descended on the town of Maningrida.

Nature & Environment

Spiders rain down from the sky over Australia

5-19-2015 | 12

A unique phenomenon has seen parts of the country covered in a glistening layer of silvery webbing.

Nature & Environment

Diver films huge pyramid of spider crabs

 VIDEO  4-19-2015 | 21

44-year-old PT Hirschfield captured the remarkable spectacle on camera near Melbourne, Australia.

Science & Technology

A fear of spiders may be part of our DNA

4-6-2015 | 36

Arachnophobia could be an evolutionary response based on the danger that spiders posed to our ancestors.

Nature & Environment

Are spiders capable of keeping count ?

1-29-2015 | 15

Scientists believe that golden orb-web spiders may be able to count how many insects they've caught.

Nature & Environment

30 new spider species discovered in China

12-7-2014 | 15

Researchers found the arachnids within less than a single square mile of the Xishuangbanna rainforest.

Science & Technology

Geckos inspire real-life Spider-Man suit

 VIDEO  11-19-2014 | 8

Scientists have developed a sophisticated new system that can enable someone to climb up a glass wall.

Nature & Environment

4-acre spider web found in Baltimore building

11-7-2014 | 30

More than 107 million orb-weaver spiders are thought to be responsible for the spectacle.

Nature & Environment

Do spiders possess 'super powers' ?

10-26-2014 | 22

Compared to humans, spiders are capable of some impressive feats of speed, strength and endurance.

World of the Bizarre

Family flee home as spiders 'bleed from walls'

10-17-2014 | 79

A couple were forced to leave home after their house became infested with thousands of spiders.

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