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Nature & Environment

Why are spider webs so strong ?

2-4-2012 | 5

Spider webs are remarkable in that they are up to five times as strong as the same weight of steel.

Nature & Environment

US warship invaded by deadly spiders

12-18-2011 | 17

The USS Michael Murphy got more than it bargained for in a crate of missile launcher components.

Nature & Environment

Deadly Australian spiders invade Britain

11-14-2011 | 61

Deadly redback spiders from Australia have been discovered in homes across the United Kingdom.

Science & Technology

Goats bred to produce spider silk

8-17-2011 | 17

Scientists have succeeded in breeding goats capable of producing spider silk proteins in their milk.

Nature & Environment

Black widow spiders hitch ride on plane

8-13-2011 | 25

The deadly spiders were found inside a jet engine after hitching a ride to the UK from the US.

Nature & Environment

Spiders have 'senior moments' too

7-6-2011 | 4

Research shows that the older a spider is, the more chaotic its web design is.

World of the Bizarre

World's weirdest phobias revealed

7-2-2011 | 31

Everyone's heard of a fear of heights or spiders, but what are some of the lesser known phobias ?

Nature & Environment

Spiders evolved spare legs

6-10-2011 | 16

New research has revealed that spiders actually have more legs than they need for everyday use.

Nature & Environment

Why spiders decorate their webs

5-26-2011 | 11

Australian researchers believe they have discovered why spiders decorate their webs.


Largest ever spider fossil discovered

4-21-2011 | 17

A giant prehistoric spider fossil has found with a 6-inch legspan that lived 165 million years ago.

World of the Bizarre

Spider infestations incite Mazda recall

3-4-2011 | 6

Mazda says a high potential for spiders to build webs in critical parts of the car is behind the recall.

Nature & Environment

World's largest spider webs discovered

9-17-2010 | 20

A newly discovered species of spider in Madagascar has been found to spin the world's largest spider webs.

World of the Bizarre

Man blows himself up trying to kill a spider

9-3-2010 | 33

A 28 year-old man blew himself up after trying to kill a spider hiding behind his bathroom toilet.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Bright-blue, 7-legged spider photographed

8-31-2010 | 46

A photograph of a peculiar bright-blue spider with only seven legs has been taken by Mary Howard.

Science & Technology

Spiderman wall scaling could soon be a reality

8-28-2010 | 4

Special gloves and shoes that allow the wearer to climb buildings like Spiderman are currently in development.

Science & Technology

Scientists build nanoscopic spiderbot

5-15-2010 | 10

The tiny molecular robot is built from DNA and is a mere four billionths of a metre in diameter.

Science & Technology

Fear of spiders can develop before birth

2-19-2010 | 10

Scientists now think that a fear of spiders and snakes may develop before a person is born due to the mother's experiences.

Nature & Environment

Massive 10ft spider crab pays a visit to Britain

2-12-2010 | 28

The largest ever crab seen in the UK this massive Japanese spider crab is so big its legs could straddle a car.

Science & Technology

Could humans one day walk on walls ?

2-3-2010 | 17

A new adhesive device invented at Cornell could one day make it possible to move up walls just like Spiderman.

Nature & Environment

'Veggie' spider shuns meat diet

10-13-2009 | 4

A remarkable type of spider has been found in Central America that feeds almost exclusively on plants, it is the first i...

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