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Space & Astronomy

Hawking's PhD thesis released for free online

10-23-2017 | 2

The world-famous physicist hopes that his doctorate will encourage people to 'look up at the stars'.

Space & Astronomy

Neutron star smash signals major breakthrough

 VIDEO  10-16-2017 | 33

For the first time ever, gravitational waves and light have been picked up from the same cosmic event.

Natural World

Man captures footage of a 'walking' starfish

 VIDEO  10-9-2017 | 13

Zeb Hallock managed to record the star-shaped echinoderm ambling along a beach in North Carolina.


Could dust explain 'alien megastructure' star ?

10-5-2017 | 380

A new study has cast doubt on the idea that astronomers have discovered a large alien structure in space.


Saudi Arabian textbook shows Yoda at the UN

9-23-2017 | 19

A doctored image of Yoda at the United Nations has somehow ended up in a history textbook.

Natural World

The snow leopard is no longer 'endangered'

9-15-2017 | 7

The species, which has long teetered on the edge of extinction, is finally starting to make a comeback.

Science & Technology

Real-life Matrix gets $27 million in funding

 VIDEO  8-27-2017 | 11

Elon Musk's recent startup Neuralink is aiming to find a way to merge the human brain with a computer.

Space & Astronomy

Best ever image of a distant star revealed

 VIDEO  8-27-2017 | 16

Astronomers have managed to piece together an incredibly detailed image of a distant supergiant star.

Space & Astronomy

Firm set to put a cellphone tower on the Moon

8-16-2017 | 7

A German startup is aiming to land rovers on the Moon that will communicate using cellphone technology.

Modern Mysteries

'Metal starfish' discovered in Rhode Island

 VIDEO  8-12-2017 | 36

A mysterious object found in the surf on a beach in Westerly has been raising eyebrows this week.


'Alien' actor claims he has encountered aliens

8-1-2017 | 78

Yaphet Kotto, who starred in Ridley Scott's 1979 movie 'Alien', has had close encounters of his own.


Toilets chase pedestrians through Moscow

7-2-2017 | 9

A recent bout of stormy weather in Russia caused portable toilets to start careening down the street.


Man sells salvaged R2-D2 for $2.76 million

 VIDEO  6-29-2017 | 4

A Star Wars enthusiast from the UK has made a tidy profit by rebuilding the droid from spare parts.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery of Dubai Marina's orange water solved

6-25-2017 | 2

The alarm was raised in Dubai last week after the water started to turn a disconcerting orange color.

Space & Astronomy

'Star Chip' could reach Earth 2.0 in 20 years

6-21-2017 | 20

Stephen Hawking is hoping to send a space probe to a potentially habitable world around Alpha Centauri.

Space & Astronomy

Did the Sun once have a companion star ?

6-14-2017 | 8

New evidence has suggested that all the sunlike stars in the universe may have formed together in pairs.

Space & Astronomy

Astronomers see a star warp another's light

6-7-2017 | 5

Astronomers have observed a distant white dwarf star shifting the position of another star in the sky.

Space & Astronomy

Black holes are able to swallow stars whole

5-31-2017 | 13

New evidence has been found to support the idea that matter vanishes when it falls in to a black hole.


'Alien megastructure' star is dimming again

5-20-2017 | 380

The mysterious star has been puzzling astronomers for years due to its erratic, inexplicable behavior.

Science & Technology

Ambitious UK firm wants to build the Matrix

5-12-2017 | 15

Improbable is the latest startup hoping to change the world by embracing virtual reality technology.

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