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Science & Technology

Titanic iceberg was over 100,000 years old

3-6-2016 | 7

A university professor has revealed new details about the iceberg that sunk the RMS Titanic in 1912.

Science & Technology

Replica 'Titanic II' due to set sail in 2018

2-11-2016 | 26

Australian billionaire Clive Palmer has built a full-size replica of the famous 'unsinkable' ship.


Did the Freemasons rig the Titanic inquiry ?

11-25-2015 | 27

New evidence suggests that the Freemasons were heavily involved in the investigation in to the disaster.


Sainthood bid for priest aboard the Titanic

4-13-2015 | 40

Father Thomas Byles went down with the doomed vessel after twice refusing to leave on a lifeboat.

World of the Bizarre

New Titanic to be built by 2016

2-28-2013 | 73

Australian billionaire Clive Palmer is planning to construct a full scale replica of the famous ship.

World of the Bizarre

Billionaire plans to build Titanic II by 2016

5-1-2012 | 39

Clive Palmer hopes for his new version of the famous vessel to sail from England to New York.

Science & Technology

Titanic shipwreck mapped on ocean floor

3-12-2012 | 13

Researchers have pieced together a complete and detailed map of the wreckage of the ill-fated Titanic.

Modern Mysteries

Moon blamed for sinking of the Titanic

3-7-2012 | 19

A rare combination of factors may have been responsible for the iceberg that sunk the Titanic.

World of the Bizarre

Titanic II sinks on maiden voyage

6-7-2011 | 28

When Mark Wilkinson set sail on his new cruiser Titanic II was there any doubt over what would happen ?

Ghosts & Hauntings

Ghost-hunters to check out the Titanic

11-12-2010 | 57

A paranormal group are planning on investigating the wreck of the Titanic for ghosts.

Modern Mysteries

Titanic sunk by steering blunder

9-23-2010 | 9

According to a new book the Titanic sunk due to a basic steering blunder rather than from not seeing the iceberg.

Modern Mysteries

New video reveals Titanic's condition

9-2-2010 | 4

New footage and pictures have been revealed of the wreck of the Titanic lying deep on the Atlantic sea floor.

Science & Technology

New Titanic expedition will create 3D map

7-29-2010 | 8

A team will revisit the Titanic next month and generate a 3-dimensional map of the entire wreckage.

Modern Mysteries

Titanic waited 45 minutes before sending SOS

4-14-2010 | 17

In a new book it has been revealed that the Titanic waited 45 minutes after hitting the iceberg before calling for help.

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