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World of the Bizarre

Intoxicated woman calls police to report 'Chupacabra' in Michigan

 VIDEO  2-4-2023 | 8

The woman, who hails from Midland County, believed that the elusive cryptid was skulking around outside her home.

Nature & Environment

Thousands of toxic toads have invaded Florida

 VIDEO  3-27-2019 | 12

A South Florida neighborhood has been besieged this month by countless thousands of poisonous cane toads.

World of the Bizarre

Toxic black snow covers the streets in Siberia

 VIDEO  2-16-2019 | 9

Residents of the Kemerovo region of Siberia have been uploading images and videos of the phenomenon.

World of the Bizarre

Two intoxicated hedgehogs rescued in Germany

6-20-2018 | 5

The curious spiny mammals had ended up drunk after sampling a bottle of eggnog that someone had dropped.

Space & Astronomy

Mars may be a lot more toxic than we thought

7-7-2017 | 8

New research has shown that the Martian soil is quite an inhospitable environment for microbial life.

World of the Bizarre

Bangalore engulfed in mounds of toxic foam

 VIDEO  6-1-2017 | 0

Heavy monsoon rainfall in the southern Indian city has resulted in a nearby lake overflowing with foam.

Science & Technology

Smog is more toxic in Europe than in China

2-10-2017 | 11

Air pollution in Europe and North America may be 27 times more toxic than the smog over Chinese cities.

World of the Bizarre

Drunk monkey waves knife at bar customers

 VIDEO  2-19-2016 | 23

A bizarre incident at a bar in Brazil recently saw an intoxicated monkey go on a knife-wielding rampage.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Toxic mold may cause sightings of ghosts

4-3-2015 | 33

Scientists believe that poor air quality may be a contributing factor in reports of the paranormal.

World of the Bizarre

Drunk operative lands drone at White House

1-29-2015 | 52

An intoxicated intelligence agency worker was to blame for landing a drone on the White House lawn.

World of the Bizarre

Menace of seagulls drunk on flying ants

7-30-2014 | 12

Hostile seagulls fuelled by an intoxicating diet of flying ants have been causing a nuisance in the UK.

Science & Technology

Genetically engineered worms can't get drunk

7-18-2014 | 25

Scientists have produced a worm with altered genes that is incapable of ever becoming intoxicated.

Nature & Environment

Elephant herd gets drunk on fermented fruit

4-24-2014 | 19

Field guide Ross Couper snapped several pictures as the intoxicated elephants hilariously rolled around.

Science & Technology

Bacteria turns toxic chemicals in to gold

10-5-2012 | 25

Scientists have developed tiny bugs that can turn useless hazardous chemicals in to 24-karat gold.

Space & Astronomy

Is the Moon toxic to humans ?

7-13-2012 | 13

Even with spacesuits and other protective equipment the lunar dust could prove lethal to astronauts.

World of the Bizarre

'Drunk moose' gets stuck in a tree

9-9-2011 | 30

A moose intoxicated by eating fermented apples was found tangled up in a tree in Sweden.

Nature & Environment

Chemicals blamed for bee colony collapse

3-27-2010 | 1

Toxic chemicals and pathogens are likely to blame for bee colony collapse according to new research.

Science & Technology

Alien life 'may exist among us'

2-22-2009 | 2

Arizona State University's Professor Paul Davies has suggested that the Earth may harbour forms of undiscovered "weird l...

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