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Space & Astronomy

Secret US Cold War space station revealed

1-5-2016 | 18

The United States once planned to build an orbiting outpost to help gather intelligence about the USSR.

Science & Technology

New 'stealth' ship commanded by Captain Kirk

 VIDEO  12-11-2015 | 29

The United States Navy has launched its largest ever destroyer under the command of Captain James Kirk.

Space & Astronomy

US and China work together to avoid space war

11-23-2015 | 3

A new space hotline has been set up between the two countries to help prevent future misunderstandings.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

'Live pterosaur' filmed flying over Idaho

 VIDEO  9-18-2015 | 70

A recently released video claims to show what looks like a dinosaur flying over the United States.

Science & Technology

US challenges Japan to a giant robot duel

 VIDEO  7-3-2015 | 21

Two giant mechanized robots could soon be duking it out in a showdown of epic proportions.

Nature & Environment

Thousands of crabs wash up in California

 VIDEO  6-19-2015 | 13

Vast quantities of small red crabs have been washing up along the west coast of the United States.

The UFO Phenomenon

Believers gather for 24th UFO Congress

2-20-2015 | 61

Thousands of people gathered in Phoenix this week for the largest UFO conference in the United States.

Modern Mysteries

'Milky' rain falls over the United States

2-8-2015 | 12

A peculiar downpour of milky-colored rain has been affecting parts of Washington, Oregon and Idaho.

Science & Technology

Ebola-killing robots zap viruses in hospitals

10-12-2014 | 7

A sophisticated new robot is battling viruses and bacteria in hospitals across the United States.

Space & Astronomy

US to keep nukes to use against asteroids

10-6-2014 | 23

The United States is keeping some of its nuclear warheads in case of an apocalyptic asteroid threat.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery cell-phone towers found across US

9-5-2014 | 58

Privacy concerns were raised this week after it was revealed that the towers had no known operators.

Nature & Environment

Coywolf species appears in North America

8-25-2014 | 21

A cross between coyotes and wolves has been taking over in some areas of the United States.


50% of Americans believe in a conspiracy

6-15-2014 | 150

As much as half of the population of the United States believes in at least one conspiracy theory.

Space & Astronomy

Russia set to ban US from using space station

5-14-2014 | 38

The US will no longer have access to the station after 2020 as Russia responds to Ukraine sanctions.


Bill Clinton talks about aliens in interview

4-3-2014 | 829

The former United States president talked about the controversial subject on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

World of the Bizarre

Bizarre US 'hippo ranching' plan revealed

12-23-2013 | 30

Hippopotamus ranching was almost introduced in the United States at the beginning of the 20th century.

Metaphysics & Psychology

American man wakes up speaking Swedish

7-21-2013 | 30

Doctors in the United States remain baffled by the bizarre case of 61-year-old Michael Boatwright.

Nature & Environment

'Crazy' ants driving out fire ants

5-19-2013 | 23

Two different invasive species of ant have been battling for dominance in the Southern United States.


US planned to detonate nuke on the Moon

11-27-2012 | 101

During the Cold War the United States considered lanching and detonating a nuclear bomb on the Moon.

Science & Technology

Scientists find fat is the sixth human taste

1-16-2012 | 19

A team in the United States has found that the human tongue is capable of 'tasting' fat molecules.

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