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Ancient Mysteries

Viking gold ring found in bundle of 'cheap jewelry'

7-22-2022 | 2

A woman in Norway discovered the ring mixed in with a bundle of cheap trinkets and jewelry purchased at auction.

Ancient Mysteries

Viking 'blood eagle' ritual was anatomically possible

12-18-2021 | 3

A new study has suggested that this gruesome ritual could have been done, even during the time of the Vikings.

Ancient Mysteries

Solar storm helps to date Viking settlement in North America

10-25-2021 | 9

New evidence has helped scientists pinpoint exactly when the Vikings were active on the continent.

Science & Technology

Genetic tests - do you really have viking DNA ?

4-13-2021 | 25

Genetic ancestry tests are very popular these days - but just how accurate and meaningful are the results ?

Ancient Mysteries

1,000-year-old Viking boat discovered on island

5-31-2020 | 2

Officials have announced that the vessel was found at a burial site on the Norwegian island of Edoya.

Ancient Mysteries

Lost viking mountain pass reveals its secrets

 VIDEO  4-16-2020 | 5

Melting ice in Norway has revealed a long-lost Viking-era mountain pass brimming with archaeological discoveries.

Modern Mysteries

Berserker Vikings drank hallucinogenic tea

2-19-2020 | 11

Scientists have determined what it was that made the fiercest Viking warriors so fearless and ferocious.

Ancient Mysteries

Men jailed after unearthing $15M Viking treasure

11-24-2019 | 124

Two metal detectorists in the UK have been jailed after trying to sell a $15M Viking hoard of gold and silver.


NASA scientist: 'We already found life on Mars'

10-12-2019 | 18

Gilbert Levin, who worked on the two Viking landers, maintains that evidence of alien life was found in 1976.

Ancient Mysteries

Rare Thor's hammer amulet found in Iceland

10-22-2018 | 1

The 900-year-old trinket was unearthed at the site of a Viking farmstead in Iceland's Thjorsardalur valley.

Ancient Mysteries

8-year-old girl pulls ancient sword from lake

 VIDEO  10-5-2018 | 21

Saga Vanecek discovered the pre-Viking-era relic while swimming near her family's holiday home in Sweden.

Ancient Mysteries

Viking sunstones may have actually worked

4-6-2018 | 6

A mysterious form of navigation referenced in early Viking literature may have genuinely existed.

Ancient Mysteries

Was long-lost Viking settlement in Canada ?

3-12-2018 | 2

Known as Hop, the settlement has been spoken of in Norse sagas passed down over hundreds of years.

Ancient Mysteries

Man finds Viking treasure with metal detector

5-21-2017 | 19

Derek McLennan earned almost $2.6 million after unearthing a horde of 10th-century Viking artefacts.

Ancient Mysteries

Did Vikings bury, cremate 'dead' houses ?

4-30-2017 | 1

There is evidence to suggest that Viking longhouses were 'buried' by being covered in mounds of Earth.

Space & Astronomy

NASA to digitize data from Viking landers

 VIDEO  7-25-2016 | 21

The data recorded during the historic Viking Mars missions is set to be archived in digital form.

Ancient Mysteries

1,000-year-old Viking site found in Canada

4-4-2016 | 96

Archaeologists have unearthed what is only the second known Viking site ever discovered in North America.

Ancient Mysteries

Ancient Viking settlement found in Norway

12-26-2015 | 15

A huge 1,500-year-old Viking fishing village site has been unearthed during excavations at an airport.


Iceland to build temple to Norse gods

2-3-2015 | 53

The temple will be the first of its kind to be built in the country since the time of the Vikings.

Ancient Mysteries

Viking treasure hoard found in Scotland

10-13-2014 | 19

A huge haul of valuable Viking artefacts has been discovered in a field by a man with a metal detector.

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