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Space & Astronomy

James Webb reveals exoplanet where sand grains fall as rain

 VIDEO  11-16-2023 | 5

The planet, known as Wasp-107b, was recently revealed by the James Webb Space Telescope.

Nature & Environment

'Murder hornet' nest found with 1,500 larvae

8-29-2021 | 13

The battle to stop these giant, invasive wasps from gaining a foothold in the United States is heating up.

Nature & Environment

First 'murder hornet' nest found in the US

 VIDEO  10-24-2020 | 44

A nest of enormous invasive wasp-like insects has reportedly been discovered for the first time on US soil.

Nature & Environment

Alabama plagued by huge wasp 'super nests'

7-1-2019 | 21

Some wasp nests in the southeastern state are so big that even pest control experts won't go near them.

Nature & Environment

Parasitic wasp turns spiders in to zombies

11-29-2018 | 4

Scientists have discovered a horrifying new species of wasp in the depths of the Ecuadorian Amazon.

Nature & Environment

Why do we tend to like bees but hate wasps ?

9-19-2018 | 26

A new study has revealed that most people seem to appreciate bees but find wasps annoying and dangerous.

World of the Bizarre

'Drunk and irritable' wasps descend on the UK

8-14-2018 | 16

Wasps in Britain have been getting drunk on fermented fruit and left-over pub cider, experts claim.

Nature & Environment

Terrifying parasitic wasp found in the Amazon

7-9-2018 | 7

Scientists have discovered a new species of wasp that lays its eggs on spiders using its massive stinger.

Nature & Environment

Wasps fly backwards to help them get home

2-12-2016 | 6

Sand wasps have been observed flying in reverse to help them create a map of their surroundings.

Nature & Environment

Man stung 37 times by swarm of huge hornets

10-25-2015 | 14

David Williams-Jones was attacked by thousands of the insects after accidentally stepping on their nest.

Nature & Environment

Dementor wasp heads up list of new species

5-27-2015 | 5

A total of 139 weird and wonderful new plant and animal species have been discovered in South East Asia.

Nature & Environment

Nest of 400,000 wasps found in camper van

11-10-2014 | 33

Measuring 10ft across, the huge nest was discovered in California by Robert McDougal.

Nature & Environment

Giant wasp nest fills up entire room

4-14-2013 | 17

A contender for the world's largest wasp nest has been discovered on the Spanish island of Tenerife.

Nature & Environment

New wasp with giant jaws discovered

8-31-2011 | 22

Researchers have announced the recent discovery of a new species of giant warrior wasp.

Nature & Environment

Wasps turn ladybirds into zombie bodyguards

6-24-2011 | 16

A species of parasitic wasp has been found to turn ladybirds in to zombie bodyguards as protection.


Prehistoric wasp found trapped in amber

5-18-2010 | 2

In something akin to a scene from Jurassic Park a 95-million-year-old wasp has been found trapped in amber.

Science & Technology

Wasps used antibiotics long before Fleming

3-1-2010 | 1

Wasps were using sophisticated antibiotics millions of years before the invention of penicillin new research has found.

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