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Ghost keeps trying to talk to me ?

November 19, 2017 | Comment icon 7 comments

Image Credit: sxc.hu
This story was submitted to the site by Devilin66 from USA.
This happened to me first when I was cooking, alone in the kitchen. I wasn't thinking of anything in particular when I suddenly hear next to me something in a deep, very raspy voice slowly say "heeey. . . girl" kinda like it was struggling to say the words, but also in an acknowledgement sort of way. It was a male's voice, immediately my arms got goosebumps and I walked out the kitchen because I was obviously scared. . . later on continued cooking and nothing else happened(thankfully).

Two days later, as I was serving dinner(once again I was all alone in the kitchen)and I hear to the side of me a male voice say "heeeeey". It didn't sound like the first voice, it was whispery sounding, but not deep and raspy like before, still clear enough for me to hear. I looked over at where I heard the voice, again got goosebumps and left the kitchen. I did go back, about 3 minutes later and said aloud something like "can you please go, you're making me feel uncomfortable" in a stern voice.

Almost a month later, I happen to be completely alone in the house. I had my dogs in the kitchen with me while I cooked. I was going into my room to grab my phone to listen to music when I cooked I was passing by my bathroom(which is narrow, long and dark)which is right next to my room and suddenly I hear the same whispery, yet clear male voice say "heeeeey". Not sure if it was in the hallway or right next to me while I was passing by the bathroom. . . but Of course I got scared again as well as got goosebumps on my arms.
If it helps that one of my dogs was next to me and walked right past the voice(so not sure if they can hear the voice as well). But seems like the voice always happens when I'm not near anyone(and lately I try to have my dogs around to see how they would react if they can sense whatever it is). The thought of a ghost being around or paranormal really scares me so to have this stuff happening really freaks me out. I would want to know if it's anything bad or good.

I haven't read too many people who had a similar experiences. I do not want to communicate with it at all(mostly in case things escalate). So does anyone have anything similar happen to them, any advice or anything?:( I hate having to constantly worry about it because it freaks me out.

ALSO I did have another experience about two years ago(same house)where my dog and I was in the kitchen and he randomly barked to something next to me(it was 3 am, I was making coffee). I got goosebumps on my arms and the atmosphere felt hazy, I don't know how to describe it. It just felt like something was there. Mind you, my dog NEVER barks inside the house. This time he did, I went to sit on the couch, I felt overwhelmed and started crying right after. He was watching something behind the table right after and kept barking as if it was two different things.

The very next day, he was in the living room by himself and he would not stop barking(not sure if he saw the same thing again). This happened before the voices, and since then I sometimes feel like there's something with me in the kitchen to the point where I see stuff out of the corner of my eyes, to me having to leave the room because I feel uncomfortable and the atmosphere feels as if time slowed down. . . I really don't know how to describe this certain feeling that I get but also my skin feels prickly as well. . . sorry this is so long. Im hoping someone can give me some answers or some advice please!!:(

Comments (7)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by ChaosRose 5 years ago
I'm not sure if this person will see the comments, but they asked for advice. I'd just do a banishment like the LBRP. 
Comment icon #2 Posted by sjlennon 5 years ago
chaosrose, what is the LBRP?
Comment icon #3 Posted by Zos 5 years ago
It's The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. There are many examples of it on Youtube. It's really good for clearing a bad feeling in the atmosphere, and getting rid of unwelcome presences.
Comment icon #4 Posted by ChaosRose 5 years ago
Thanks, Zos. I like this one.  
Comment icon #5 Posted by Zos 5 years ago
Ye. Nice one:) Almost the same as the one I do, but everyone has their own interpretation. The variations can be quite interesting. I learnt it from the book 'Techniques of High Magic' by Francis King and Stephen Skinner, but I abandoned that book because of the contradictions regarding the elemental attributions to the wand and dagger, which seem to contradict every other book I've read on the subject, and caused me endless confusion as a beginner. That was long before the dawn of the internet; in the mid '80s. Thanks for posting the vid:)
Comment icon #6 Posted by Sooth Sayer 5 years ago
I also have had on two occasions, heard a deep, gritty voice that came from behind me on my left side. They happened about 10 years apart at entirely different locations.  Mine kinda sounded like a women that had been smoking 20 packs of camel non filter cigarettes. Couldn't make out any words. Just freaked me out. I've become kind of use to paranormal things happen in my life but to hear a voice come up from behind and not see anyone still rattled me a bit.
Comment icon #7 Posted by onlyI see 5 years ago
They will not go away until you listen to what they have to say. You are sensitive, so if you ignore them they can become aggressive until you do. Thought this might help you, face your fear.

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