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Dreams & Consciousness

Dreams and clues to the future

March 31, 2018 | Comment icon 3 comments
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This story was submitted to the site by Aurora91 from Philippines and Germany.
Lets talk about dreams first. It started when I was young.

I guess like everybody else I had nightmares which turned to night adventures that I can't forget even though I was just 7 or 8 at that time. These are common things, I fly, I try to escape, there were monsters and sometimes I have powers. It is also often that I find a secret door or exit in the ceiling when the monster is about to catch me. I did basic search today and I think it is normal. It still happens till to this day and I am now 30.

But what I find weird is what I dreamed when I was 12. I have friend who I had a fight with. We didn't talk for about a month. Then one day I dreamed that she approached me and talked to me about our assignment. The next day, everything happened as I dreamed of. That is the first time.

Then, I was 13. I dreamed that my teacher told the class I was the top student. Two days after, instead of telling the class, she wrote on the board the top students and I was no.1 just like my dream.
I had a few more but here's an unforgettable one. I was 25, I dreamed I was still with my college ex-boyfriend and in my dream he was avoiding me. I also found out he bought the newest iPhone which he cant afford in reality. The weird thing is I broke up with him long ago and was already in a new relationship. Few weeks later, I caught my current boyfriend cheating. And guess what, he has another phone to communicate to another girl. Not an iPhone though.

Thats the last time I had a wierd dream.

But somehow replaced by connected things. Here are examples:

1. I saw an article about "why you see shoes in random places". I was reading when I was on the train. Then I took a look outside and to my surprise I saw a shoe on the train track.

2. I was watching music video while waiting for train and in the video the singer was dressed in a mouse costume and she was making mouse sounds. Then, as I was listening to it, a mouse popped up and moved in circles in front of me. Munich is one the cleanest cities I have ever been and I haven't seen a mouse except that one.

Comments (3)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by Cam Gibb 6 years ago
Similar experiences here too. From age 12 to late 30's. Including shadowy deceased relatives. Deja-vue dreams later experienced. They are clearer, more hi res then average dreams. Often have details later experienced that could not possibly have been imagined. But I caution you and all, not to obsess on dreams. As they usually are just that. So you don't want to do or not do things based on them. ;-) What could be interesting later on, is if you have good reason to suspect you've had 1 of those future glimpses, jot as many details down as you can and keep handy in maybe pocket notepad, date it... [More]
Comment icon #2 Posted by Relam 6 years ago
-Dreams can predict things and dreams are symbolsm. If you know how to recognize which dream is true dream sent from divine and which is just reflection of reality you can decode it to benefit you. -About that connected things i think you mean Synchronicity. Yeah lots of this weird things happening more and more, which could give us signs that maybe this what we call reality is just some kind of computer simulation. That about shoes is something like new Googles algorhytm which track what you search and use that information to give you the adds that showing you things you searched. But for you... [More]
Comment icon #3 Posted by Cam Gibb 6 years ago
I forgot to add that often I suspect, such deja-vue-like dreams, are brain imaginings, it tries to predict situations. It may use real facts and concious expectations, suspicions, imaginings of possibilities, likelihoods, etc. Sometimes it'll use those real thoughts, add other stuff, occaisionally be pretty close to what is later experienced. Because it subconciously looks for familiar faces, places, etc, you experience "hey, I've seen this, where, oh, past dream". Like rolling the dice, you remember matches more then no or few matches. Waking up in night seeing digital clock, you'll remember ... [More]

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