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Life changing experience

December 19, 2019 | Comment icon 5 comments
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This story was submitted to the site by Jiuhj from Australia .
A person at a new job was being insanely nasty to me. At the time i was reading a book named "the sermon on the mount" by Emmet Fox. It was the second time I had read anything Bible related. I interpreted what I was reading as being about the most intelligent form of love. I was surprised, it was the first thing I had read about Jesus.

I was a studying at the time and was taking notes whilst reading. I realized that Jesus was teaching us how to love. I decided to put this Jesus love program into action around the person at work mentioned earlier.

I searched my mind for some basis on which i could love this person. Running out of time, I thought that if life is about spiritual evolution via learning love, then I must be farther along the path than them, as I could not ever treat anyone so badly. I guess I developed a little bit of concern for the person. I threw out my notes and asked myself "what's all this going to lead to", referring to a personal development kick I was on.
Seconds after having That thought I was overwhelmed by the most powerful, definitely otherworldy sensation of a very powerful force making contact with me. It was clear this force with personality was from another dimension, and it felt as if that dimension was my true home. Also I was on my knees crying uncontrollably because this God like thing loved me so much and I didn't even feel a need for love at that point in my life. It felt masculine but zero holier than though stuff.

It communicated some things to me and I think it was actually may have been a future me. It told me that everything is exactly as it is meant to be and that the Christians have "basically" got it right. I felt uncontrollable intense love for everyone even serial killers that I was thinking about. It was clear that the being was 50 scwillion times more advanced than us. The only other thing was that we are all loved equally, even Hitler, who i was thinking about. And that I am no one special.

I was given no other information on our existence. I felt as high as a kite and extremely likable. I had no fear, guilt or other negative emotions and without them we feel amazing. I was in that state for a week or so and it slowly reduced down and I was normal old me. It was like it was all over. But, it was in 1994 and since then nothing could convince me that the experience wasn't real.

I have never before or since had a hallucination or a psychotic episode and if it was one, why then! I read a lot on quantum mechanics, ansector simulation theory, evolutionary psychology and the teachings of Jesus, I disregard the rest of the Bible. Thanks for sharing.

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Comment icon #1 Posted by papageorge1 5 years ago
That person was certainly one of the better writers I have read in these stories. Yes, I believe a source beyond our day-to-day mind likely came through at that moment to assist when it was needed to fortify the person's spiritual growth. Papameter: 80% Affected from beyond the mind     20% Production of the person's mind only
Comment icon #2 Posted by XenoFish 5 years ago
Cool story bro.
Comment icon #3 Posted by J L Stewart 4 years ago
I, too, have had a similar experience.  I believe they call this a spiritual awakening.  One day I was reading a book about auras, and cosmic vibrations, and the effects that feelings such has hate and love can have on our person, physically.  I tried to see my own aura, as it was described to me.  I held up my hand to the sunlight and let my eyes relax and put forth the strong intent to see it for  myself, and then i saw what seemed like a brief flicker of smoke rise up from my finger, against the sunlit sky.  I went back to my book, thinking i was imagining it, or that it hadn't worked... [More]
Comment icon #4 Posted by Desertrat56 4 years ago
It is one reason that most U.S. presidents seem to age 20 years in only 8, if they get two terms, because so many people vilify "The President", everything that goes wrong is the president's fault whether it is or not.  All that anger aimed at one person by thousands of people does take it's toll on the person.  The ones who are insulated from that are either mostly liked and loved, or they are so narcissistic nothing touches them.
Comment icon #5 Posted by Ruth Rodriguez 4 years ago
"For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them." Ephesians 2:10

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