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I dreamt that Austin was destroyed

August 12, 2018 | Comment icon 13 comments
Image Credit: CC BY-SA 3.0 erpete
This story was submitted to the site by Forbin from USA / Texas.
I'm Forbin, 61. From my earliest youth, I've had dreams of future events that come true, including peoples death. Let me say here that also from my earliest youth, I believe in God and I also believe in Jesus resurrection. So I called on him at age 13, and he answered. So I do believe that the dreams are connected in a spiritual level to my belief in God and his interaction with me. For whatever reason, he chooses dreams sometimes to reveal something to us, as demonstrated in the Bible many times. I believe that if the dream is from him, he will confirm it with no doubt. If it's not, he won't.

Shortly after I became a believer, I dreamed my sisters death, before she even got sick with the fatal disease that took her life. In this dream, I'm floating over a golden wheat field. As far as I could see in every direction. The most golden wheat you've ever seen. It was tall, and swaying and praising in the breeze. It was very surreal and serene. Suddenly, I notice something in the distance. I float towards it. It's a casket. It's opened. As I float over it, I look inside. To my horror, it's my sister.

I awoke from this dream sobbing profusely. I determined to tell her about Jesus, and I did. Not long after that, she called me excitedly to tell me that she had prayed and received Jesus into her life. I was so happy and thankful. At first, I thought the dream might mean that she died to her old life and was 'born again' to a new one. A few years passed.
Then one day the phone rang and her husband tells me that the ambulance just took my sister to the hospital, because she can't breath. She's diagnosed with an incurable disease, bronchialitis obliterans. After two years in the hospital, she died. Shortly after she died, she, and another sister who died after that, came to me in a dream one night. She was sooo beautiful. I didn't recognize her at first. I couldn't believe my eyes. She was so beautiful. We hugged, and she took my hand and said that she was now what God had always intended her to be. Then my other sister who died touched her on the shoulder and they disappeared. I believe that God confirmed the first dream, by allowing her to come to me in the second dream.

Recently, I dreamed that the city of Austin, Texas was totally destroyed. In this dream, all the buildings were gone and all the massive spaghetti loops had fallen, and there were no people anywhere. It was the middle of day, but there was no sunlight coming through, so it was like the middle of night. I awoke from this horrible dream and started to go downstairs.

There was a 13 year old boy named Daniel, staying here that weekend with his dad, a tenant here at the time. I had not yet told anyone my dream. And as I was walking down the stairs, Daniel turned to his dad and said.."Oh yeah dad, I forgot to tell you..last night I dreamed that the city of Austin, Texas was totally destroyed!!"

How is this possible? We had the exact same dream on the exact same night in the same house. If I had told my dream first, then there might be doubt that the boy was copy catting. But I had not told anyone my dream, before Daniel told his. So I do believe that God has confirmed in this way, that this dream is from him. I do believe that Austin, Texas is going to somehow be destroyed.

Comments (13)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #4 Posted by rashore 6 years ago
Well, of course the OP knows they submitted a story to UM and can tell that their story has been posted. Sometimes the OP's show up and chat in these kinds of threads, sometimes they don't.
Comment icon #5 Posted by papageorge1 6 years ago
Thanks. It is of course more enjoyable when they show up.
Comment icon #6 Posted by TripGun 6 years ago
Entropically speaking of course...
Comment icon #7 Posted by moonman 6 years ago
I had a dream I had a conversation with a chicken. Does that mean chickens will start talking?
Comment icon #8 Posted by TonopahRick 6 years ago
Yes, there's one that make insurance ads on tv now.
Comment icon #9 Posted by Mantis914 6 years ago
I saw one on the Sanderson Chicken commercial in Antarctica conversing with penguins.  Does that count?
Comment icon #10 Posted by XenoFish 6 years ago
The bad thing about supposed prophecy's is when they influence peoples actions, thus fulfilling them. Which is nothing more than a self-fulfilling prophecy.
Comment icon #11 Posted by ChrLzs 6 years ago
Just a coupla comments: - this is the sorta thing that brains do - they change your memories, or adjust little things so they match up.  Eg you dream about a big bonfire, perhaps three days ago.  Someone tells you about a dream they had about a specific place going up, and then your brain suddenly 'remembers', and exaggerates "Omigod so did I", and suddenly it also happened not 3 nights back but one, it was actually a particular place, etc, etc.  Once you've done this a few times (and as a child this definitely happens!!) and get positive re-inforcement, it will happen frequently from then... [More]
Comment icon #12 Posted by ETXKiowa 6 years ago
If Austin was destroyed, I would miss Antones and Barton Springs. Anyways, Psychologists claim dreams are just the review of the day's thoughts and occurrences, notwithstanding the pepperoni pizza and ice cream one ate before bedtime....
Comment icon #13 Posted by highdesert50 5 years ago
I detect some fear; perhaps the motivation for sharing of the event? There is still a lot we don't know about sleep though we do know that continually interrupting the dream state has led to the demise of mammals. So, dreaming is essential to our health. We can dream in metaphors. For example, a pet who becomes lost in a dream may be the equivalent of fearing the death of that pet. Hence, your dream of Austin's destruction may not necessarily be the physical destruction of Austin, but in some way a metaphor of some fear. You also mention beliefs a number of times and I don't want to dispel som... [More]

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