Wednesday, January 23, 2019
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Disappearing objects

Posted on 8-12-2018 | Comment icon 10 comments

By: Nicola | Location: Houston TX USA

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I've been experiencing personal objects of mine just vanishing in thin air for awhile now but this new house tops it all.

Recently we bought a home that had been vacant for some time , I'm pretty sensitive and have great intuition yet I didn't feel or notice anything odd .

So we moved in and every since my things particularly makeup , jewelry , hair products just disappear sometimes for weeks. Of course I assumed my stepson or husband were playing a joke but they both deny any action like this.

My master bedroom's bathroom has double mirrored sliding doors which is also facing front windows this is where my vanity sits and I experienced these phenomena.

At first I thought I was losing it and several times almost lost my marriage but this last time I KNOW the object was missing it was a large long silver expensive can of hairspray like 40$ and I only have two drawers one being very small and thin other larger wider.

I know I also bought shine spray the same day same brand . The hairspray I never saw again after I put it on my vanity until weeks later it shows up in the tiny drawers cap on still full plain sight .

Ok I told my husband the day I bought it he could use it and he remembered but says he never did. I looked high and low plus I use the drawers everyday then one day it's just there ?

Come on what is this? It's always shiny things jewelry etc but honestly I'm in a loss ?

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Comment icon #1 Posted by papageorge1 on 12 August, 2018, 16:53
I believe non-physical entities can make objects disappear/relocate/reappear believe it or not. I believe to have had my own experience with a suspected source. Now, your examples seem to be lady's vanity items. I'm thinking that is a clue.
Comment icon #2 Posted by TripGun on 13 August, 2018, 17:21
Rats and some birds like shiny objects to ward off predators. Next on my list would be anyone in the house with a bad habit to fuel.
Comment icon #3 Posted by TruthandKnowledge on 15 August, 2018, 16:26
May want to consider video footage or traps on your drawers that allow you to know for sure someone was in them
Comment icon #4 Posted by ParanormalKris on 18 August, 2018, 0:53
When a Spirit or Ghost Move Things on You, it's called At-port. Ask Who ever to ether What do They Want or to Stop it.
Comment icon #5 Posted by SecretSanta on 18 August, 2018, 2:27
Itís actually called apport.†
Comment icon #6 Posted by paperdoll on 11 September, 2018, 18:13
it has to be a chick ghost. †
Comment icon #7 Posted by paperdoll on 11 September, 2018, 18:17
i think it's a parallel universe thing. a time band is overlapping the one you are in. in the other time band you never bought those items.
Comment icon #8 Posted by Linnet on 16 September, 2018, 2:45
Consider whether someone might have entry to your home. I'm surprised by how many people don't lock their doors. If you do lock your doors, did you change your locks when you moved in? Since you said you recently bought your house, video recording as Truthandknowledge suggests would reveal intruders.
Comment icon #9 Posted by sanchez710 on 16 September, 2018, 20:11
I've had some strange experiences in the house in which I've lived for the past 12 years but nothing going missing until recently. I have a young daughter and we were both in pyjamas. I helped her get dressed and then I got dressed and we left both our pyjamas on the bed. That evening when I helped get my daughter ready for bed, I couldn't find her pyjama bottoms anywhere. The top was there where we had left it this morning on the bed so I went to get some clean pyjama bottoms whilst wondering where the original ones were. I then looked everywhere for them. Under the bed, in the bed, in the be... [More]
Comment icon #10 Posted by NotWhoYouThink on 8 January, 2019, 18:50
My stuff dissappers all the time! A few hours or maybe months later it would be in the exact spot it was before. I also here someone walking around and get random forks and spoons that I've never seen before. I live alone in the country with no pets. I've lived in my house for six years, but this started recently, about two months ago. I have no explanation other than ghosts or house trolls. Whatever it is, it's freindly. I have no complaints about the silverware, but my stuff should be off limits. I would be grateful for a solution or explanation.

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