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My name is whispered

November 9, 2018 | Comment icon 28 comments
Image Credit: sxc.hu
This story was submitted to the site by Bobby from Wish not to disclose.
This is more or less asking for some opinions onto what it could be. I feel like it's some form of minor sleep paralysis but bare with me.

Very rarely, shortly after I wake up from a deep sleep and I'm in a place different from my bed (I think it maybe happened in bed like... Once. My memory's a bit dead on that) and I hear a distinct voice says my name or something aimed at me- from what I remember nothing ever hostile. It's usually at a distance but never right in my ear. It's never too loud either, like just a murmur or a soft speaking voice.

These episodes are usually years apart,and about half an hour ago it happened again when I was sleeping in the lounge chair in our living room. My parents and little sister are dead asleep, and as usual the voice doesn't sound like anyone I know. But it's different each episode. The only episode where someone didn't say my name, it was unintelligable and it was shortly before my grandmother died- so I had always assumed it was her saying goodbye (a big part of me still does... I'm a major softie), this is the only episode within memory that was in my own bedroom. The second occurance I can remember was when I was around 9 and sleeping in the guest room the night before a family friend I was close with left, and I was having a vivid nightmare- the voice was deep and belonged to a man- said "I love you" from behind me (the bed was offset and didn't touch any walls.
This one sounded like a woman- it was a whisper and it was about across the room from me. I have an absolute killer headache.

My parents have said I had a lot of interaction with the paranormal when I was too young to remember,and I've had severely vivid and horrifying dreams nightly as a younger kid, and my mom always has called me an empath, so I'm no stranger to those ideas, it's just while I'm severely spooked, It's nothing to condemn a house for. I don't need to be constantly watching my back because someone suggested it was a demon out to get me-

So with that being said, I do have anxiety issues and would appreciate if everyone could provide more insightful, grounded answers.

Comments (28)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #19 Posted by XenoFish 5 years ago
Yep, and you can do whatever you like. 
Comment icon #20 Posted by sci-nerd 5 years ago
Find a better doctor. They are not all the same. But... like I said before: It's your funeral.
Comment icon #21 Posted by Anana Ita 5 years ago
Ehh.. Had enough searching for honest doctors. I will look into vitamin deficiencies, though. Thanks for the tip, SmartAZ.
Comment icon #22 Posted by SmartAZ 5 years ago
Go to amazon.com and search "addelle davis". The books are from 1960s but still the most popular introduction to the field. https://www.google.com/search?q=adelle+davis
Comment icon #23 Posted by SmartAZ 5 years ago
Read a book now and then so you know a few things. I have been hospitalized several times with a severe belly ache. The doctors didn't have a clue. The last time it got so bad I thought I was going to die screaming. Then it occurred to me that this was a spasm and magnesium cures spasms. So I took a dose of epsom salts and ten minutes later it was the end of the belly ache. That was thirty years ago and I have not had any such problem again because I take epsom salts occasionally.  The more common symptom of magnesium deficiency is bedwetting. American youngsters are going through an epidemic... [More]
Comment icon #24 Posted by XenoFish 5 years ago
I stand by my statement. 
Comment icon #25 Posted by SmartAZ 5 years ago
Read your own tagline!
Comment icon #26 Posted by Piney 5 years ago
Yes they do. 
Comment icon #27 Posted by Piney 5 years ago
You won't talk to a doctor but you'll take advice from a stranger who thinks Saturn once orbited the Earth.....SWEEEET!  Doctors don't even self diagnose. 
Comment icon #28 Posted by rashore 5 years ago
Folks, UM isn't the place to be dispensing medical advice. It is always wiser to seek medical advice from medical professionals. Since there does not seem to be any other point in this discussion... thread closed.

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