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My skinless demon

February 8, 2019 | Comment icon 13 comments

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This story was submitted to the site by Gaylelu from Michigan.
Have you ever been so scared to talk about something that even thinking about it brings tears and fear ? I was never a believer in god or the devil, playing in the graveyard at night and going into so called hunted houses never scared me.

Then I saw the real thing and I am now a devoted Christian.

It all started after I got released from the hospital, after a close call with death from my heart stopping from malnutrition. As my body shut down, I died for a few seconds and was brought back... when I died there was nothing special, I couldn't even recall it.

After I got released from the hospital I was in a hopeless dark state. The doctors made me go to a therapist in order to get released and I had to start eating food. So a few days later passed and it was around 3-4 am, I felt something menacing and malicious. When I opened my eyes I seen in the doorway a vary tall skinless humanoid creature (demon) peering at me.
It's eyes were wide and jet black and it's teeth were jagged and horrendous. I smelt the smell of burnt flesh and something else, decay. The creature was around 8 to 9 ft tall as it arched in my doorway, you could see the muscles and the substance that was oozing out. I knew it could reach out and grab my throat with it's long fingers, I felt like I was treading a thin line of death.

As he was the one to take me to the hell that was awaiting me... wasn't a surprised for I was a really bad teen and was way into the Santa nice stuff. Yet, I never felt or seen anything so bone chilling. A while of the creature breathing and me looking at it with looking pure dread. Suddenly I felt a release as I screamed and clawed at my eyes only to have my dad slam through the door, and the feeling and that awful creature were gone.

After that now sleepless night, I went to a therapist and drew her a picture of that dreadful creature. She was alarmed from the drawing and took it directly to the priest, his whole church prayed for me. I was informed to avoid and block myself from anything that can make it appear again.

No scary movies no Ouija boards, going to church became a Sunday mandatory and praying was a nightly thing, after I never seen it or anything like it again.

Comments (13)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #4 Posted by openozy 5 years ago
I think this creature may have been a guardian Angel,a past relative or similar.You sounded like you needed a good shake up,which was given to you.Nothing like fear to wake you up to reality.ATB with your future.
Comment icon #5 Posted by Piney 5 years ago
Yeah right!  That was no doubt a Thought Form called a "Snail". Nothing but a mind monkey. 
Comment icon #6 Posted by Simbi Laveau 5 years ago
People who cannot see these things, do not understand. She tried to commit suicide. Indirectly, same result. That makes you a target for these entities. I'd not dismiss the story so easily.
Comment icon #7 Posted by Mystify 5 years ago
I agree with Simbi. I know from personal experience that our mood and energy affects what we let in. Addicts, depressed and or sick individuals with a low vibration tend to let in negative forces. Some of these forces CAN and DO manifest in many ways. They vibrate at a different level and therefor live/stay for the most part in a separate dimension. Occasionally, when we the energy machines go low, the negative forces can high jack our vessels, or simply manifest off our negative energy. And if you think demons are simply a trick of the imagination, then you are more then welcome to keep weari... [More]
Comment icon #8 Posted by Orphalesion 5 years ago
I'm not completely dismissing the idea that beings inhabiting other realms possibly exist. But...I'm clinically diagnosed with depression and a generalized anxiety disorder and I once spend six months in bed eating dry cornflakes because of my mental issues and yeah, at that point I was trying to starve myself to death and I damn near did it (I had to be hospitalized as well). Why didn't I ever see any demons? Because I really have encountered absolutely nothing.
Comment icon #9 Posted by -Nuke- 5 years ago
So what do you take ... zoloft cymbalta or drugs like effector and paxil? And some sort of benzos? *** Spam filter *** valium ativan ect?
Comment icon #10 Posted by Orphalesion 5 years ago
Just keep in mind that medical advice is against the forum rules, so I won't name the substances in my current medications. But I did take paroxetine during one of the earlier phases of my recovery. Now (after a lot of therapy, mind you) I'm down to low doses of three medications used to treat Manic and Depressive Episodes.   But if you are suggesting that I haven't seen any demons because I'm on meds....well, during the worst part of mental illness I didn't take any and had never done so before.
Comment icon #11 Posted by -Nuke- 5 years ago
Oh I didn't know medical advice was against the rules but I can understand why it would be. But I wasnt giving advice I was just wondering what you take, I've been on all sorts throughout the ages... I dont see how they would make me see stuff but people have hallucinated, especially coming off certain meds. But since you havent really been on any guess that theory is out of the question lol
Comment icon #12 Posted by Orphalesion 5 years ago
Nah I think stuff like "medications or withdrawal from medication can cause hallucinations" is alright and allowed, just like "have you spoken to a therapist" is alright when someone claims they are regularly speaking to the devil or something.  I just pointed that out, because I was kinda nervous that you were going to spin some theory about how Anxiety medication is closing or crown chakra and that's why I've never seen a ghost or something. Because you never know what kind of people you run into on the internet and all. And well, all that stuff is long ago, I'm pretty good now. Yeah I agree... [More]
Comment icon #13 Posted by -Nuke- 5 years ago
Yeah I'm all for the meds if they help. And yeah I dunno I have the normal mental issues that pretty much everyone I know has.. ADHD(ADD) in the DSM5 even though they are different? And Generalized anxiety disorder..and bipolar moments, never diagnosed. I just know when I'm up I'm way up. And I know anxiety is worrying about the future, depression the past. But like you where are my demons lol

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