Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Roswell Incident

A controversial series of events that occured in Roswell New Mexico in 1947 in which the US military allegedly recovered the crashed remains of an extraterrestrial spacecraft and its occupants and then covered the whole thing up. To this day the event remains one of the most popular conspiracy theories with references appearing in film, books and media.

It began when several people reported hearing an explosion one night followed by the discovery of strange debris scattered over some nearby fields the next day. Some of the material was collected, it was described as being "like water" and that when dropped on a hard surface the metallic material would spread out like a liquid.

The military offered an announcement to say that what had crashed was a weather balloon but by then it was too late, the word was out that something more was responsible.

Locals who had witnessed the strange material were threatened by the military not to disclose what they had seen. Nurses working at the local hospital reported even stranger things, many of them claimed to have seen the military corner off a section of the building. The nurses who were permitted to enter the area witnessed what they described as "little men" - small humanoid bodies which were being examined by medical personnel. There were even reports that one of the humanoid creatures was still alive and walking around. Nurses working in this area later claimed to have been sick for a long time afterwards due to the toxic smell that was present there. It wasn't long before the strange bodies were moved from the hospital to an unknown location. The Roswell Incident was becoming one of the greatest cover ups in history.

One retired soldier claimed to have been taken out to the site of the Roswell Crash at the time the incident occurred. He claimed to have witnessed a strange metallic craft embedded in the hillside, and several strange bodies littered around the crash site. Inside the craft he reported seeing strange controls and symbols carved into the metal as well as further bodies which had been thrown out of the craft as a result of the impact.

Reently some video footage was released claiming to show one of the autopsies carried out in 1947 on one of the alien bodies however it is believed that the footage is a hoax.

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