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News camera films UFO over Nebraska

Posted on Thursday, 12 September, 2013 | Comment icon 104 comments

The object was filmed over Lincoln, Nebraska. Image Credit: CC BY 2.0 Julia/Wikimedia

A local news channel filmed a strange triangular object over Lincoln, Nebraska from their tower camera.

The station's meteorologist Sean McMullen stated that the object was visible for approximately 45 minutes. Appearing as a brightly lit triangle, the object floated above the city of Lincoln in the early hours of September 4th before disappearing when the sun came up.

"I have never seen anything like this before," said McMullen. "I even say that several times while I'm on air describing the object, because I want to let people know even I don't know what this is, so I can't exactly tell you what it is."

According to reports, a similar object was also witnessed a few hours later outside Kansas City however the FAA has maintained that nothing unusual was picked up on radar at the time of the sightings.

Source: KLKN-TV | Comments (104)

Tags: UFO, Nebraska, Lincoln

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #95 Posted by zoser on 13 October, 2013, 8:58
After Thursday, you may well be correct.
Comment icon #96 Posted by zoser on 13 October, 2013, 9:16
OK sorted it. Just listen to the last few seconds of the OP video. Professor Timothy Gay (Physicist) confirms that ET's do not in fact exist and that the image was a government aircraft or camera anomaly. Always listen to the experts for best advice.
Comment icon #97 Posted by Colonel Rhuairidh on 13 October, 2013, 10:37
Well, in response to point (1) I can only say Really?, and point (2) is hardly worth bothering to give a response to, is it. What a lazy cop out his "Explanation" is. You can see how he got where he is today.
Comment icon #98 Posted by bmk1245 on 13 October, 2013, 13:45
Correction - newschick said that. Maybe T.Gay said exactly that, or maybe he said something like "I can guarantee we know nothing about alien existence", and news anchor simply "rephrased" that. OT BTW, The Daily Show made funny segment on (if its get blocked in UK, you can access through ). Those aren't interesting developments. You're just standing in front of a camera naming s*** you see. It's like walking down the street with a 5-year-old. 'Police car. Fire hydrant.' Priceless
Comment icon #99 Posted by Colonel Rhuairidh on 13 October, 2013, 13:49
I think he must have been misquoted, no reputable scientist would say anything as foolish as that.
Comment icon #100 Posted by coolguy on 14 October, 2013, 4:20
Could have been a UFO. It was seen in other states
Comment icon #101 Posted by Colonel Rhuairidh on 14 October, 2013, 6:38
Indeed it could. It could also have been a unicorn. They've been seen in several states as well.
Comment icon #102 Posted by Kludge808 on 14 October, 2013, 7:39
Sure as heck beats trying to balance cows against produce. OTOH, barter is a lot of fun done right. Zoser, going by the post to which the good Colonel replied it was a response to my earlier post about reality. You totally missed the part about you being put on ignore elsewhere. That happens to be a forum-wide status, not just that thread which thankfully got shutdown before you started bringing in anything more to derail it. However, I know why you ignored it. It's part of your propensity toward ignoring anything that doesn't fit the Zoser-world, that same propensity that has ... [More]
Comment icon #103 Posted by Kludge808 on 14 October, 2013, 7:41
Most of them involve being high at the time. :-D
Comment icon #104 Posted by Frank Merton on 14 October, 2013, 8:00
Did the good Dr. Gay also confirm that goats climbing trees don't exist? I just saw a picture showing they do.

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