Monday, July 25, 2016
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Creepy clown turns up in cemetery at night
Category: Bizarre | Posted on 7-28-2015 | 25 comments
A couple in Chicago have filmed a strange figure dressed as a clown breaking in to a local cemetery.

'Creepy clown' attacks prompt ban in France
Category: Bizarre | Posted on 10-31-2014 | 16 comments
A town in France has officially banned people from dressing up as clowns following a spate of assaults.

Creepy clowns appear across Bakersfield
Category: Bizarre | Posted on 10-14-2014 | 36 comments
Police have launched an investigation after people in clown costumes started showing up around the city.

'Finding Nemo' fish migrate vast distances
Category: Natural World | Posted on 9-21-2014 | 4 comments
Real-life clownfish have more in common with their big screen counterpart than was previously believed.

Creepy clown terrifies Staten Island
Category: Modern Mysteries | Posted on 3-26-2014 | 43 comments
A mysterious man dressed as a clown has been appearing on streets all over the New York borough.

Clown struck by lightning twice in one day
Category: Bizarre | Posted on 10-30-2013 | 23 comments
Rodeo clown Casey Wagner got more than he bargained for when he attended a driving event in Texas.

Creepy clown freaks out Northampton
Category: Modern Mysteries | Posted on 9-16-2013 | 106 comments
A mysterious man in full clown make-up has been spotted several times standing outside people's houses.

Acid oceans turn 'Finding Nemo' fish deaf
Category: Natural World | Posted on 6-3-2011 | 1 comment
An increase in ocean acidity is making clownfish deaf and vulnerable to predators.

It's no secret: clowns are scary
Category: Metaphysics & Psychology | Posted on 1-22-2008 | 22 comments
Stephen Milligan: With their big shoes, their painted-on smiles, those braying laughs and their ability to squeeze into small cars with a multitude of their dev...

Students fear clowns, goatsuckers
Category: Archived News | Posted on 10-29-2004 | 6 comments
Whether it's public speaking, violence or voices coming from the closet, there is always something out there waiting to scare you.

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