Tuesday, August 11, 2020
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  Columnist: William B Stoecker

Image credit: NASA

Target: Germany

Posted on Saturday, 9 June, 2012 | 3 comments
Columnist: William B Stoecker

[!gad]Those of us who have studied the hidden side of history have reached a kind of consensus that the world today is increasingly controlled by a small global elite of wealthy and powerful people, most of them “banksters” who make their wealth the old fashioned way, by, essentially, counterfeiting it. This legalized counterfeit money is called “fiat money.” In addition, most of these members of the elite belong to mysterious secret societies, most of which appear to be quasi-religious in nature, or involved with ritual magic…cults like the Freemasons, the Rosicrucians, Skull and Bones, the Lucis Trust, and the Bohemian Club. Judging by their deeds over the past century and by their own words, they intend to bring about a global fascist state and to reduce the human population to a tiny remnant of impoverished serfs. There is no smoking gun that proves beyond doubt that all of these cults are controlled by one small group, or that the magic they practice is black magic, or that, in one form or another, the controlling group dates back to ancient or even prehistoric times…but there is a pattern of circumstantial evidence that seems to show exactly that. They were behind the bloody French Revolution, and, more recently, they were the creators of “left wing” communism and “right wing” fascism, including the Nazi variety. Over the years they have targeted certain influential or well situated nations, turning them into power bases from which they could extend their influence to still other countries. Certainly this was the case with France in 1789, and communist Russia and China, and England with its powerful banks and its late, great overseas empire. Many believe that the United States, now in the process of losing freedom and prosperity, is intended to be the “New Atlantis” in their scheme. And, of course, there is the special case of Germany.

Along with France and England, Germany is naturally one of the most powerful nations in Western Europe. And this great nation, with its highly civilized people, has contributed greatly to the arts and the sciences, especially to music. Its engineers are legendary and its universities among the finest on Earth. And yet there is a dark side. Everyone is more or less familiar with the monstrous crimes of the Nazis, who, along with the torture of prisoners and the terror bombing of cities, murdered up to six million Jews, perhaps three million other political prisoners, and (mainly through neglect) perhaps three million Russian prisoners of war. While this body count falls far short of the achievements of Stalin and Mao, it is nothing to take lightly. But forgotten by most are the cruelties of the East German communist regime, and the atrocities committed by ordinary German soldiers in WWI. They murdered nearly six thousand civilians, mostly French and Belgian, including children and infants, and many of these were killed early in the war, before the soldiers could claim even the feeble excuse of prolonged combat stress. How could such evil take hold of this cultured people?

Perhaps the evil that would eventually migrate to Germany first surfaced during the Crusades, when mysterious orders of knights appeared, seemingly from nowhere. In about 1022 the Knights Hospitaller were founded, supposedly by a “Blessed Gerard.” Driven from Palestine by the Muslims, they resided for a while in Malta, and are still called the Knights of Malta. Supposedly they are a Christian order, within the Roman Catholic Church, but their symbol is not a Christian cross but one whose four arms are equal, red in color, and angled at the ends to form eight points. This is an ancient pagan symbol. In 1119 in Jerusalem, the French knight Hugues de Payens and eight others founded the Knights Templar. They were aided by St. Bernard, leader of the Cistercian Order within the Catholic Church, who was the nephew of one of the original knights, and they initially took up residence on Temple Mount in Jerusalem, where they spent a great deal of time and effort exploring the tunnel system, looking for…what? The Ark of the Covenant? Material treasures? Documents containing ancient knowledge? They fought the Muslims, but at times seemed strangely close to them, communicating in particular with the Hashishim, ancestors of today’s suicide bombers. The emblem on their shields was an equal-armed red cross, very similar to the cross of the Hospitallers, and at least one Templar flag featured that cross against a black and white background…according to Plato, the stones used to build the city of Atlantis were black, white, and red in color…and, more recently, these were also the colors of the Nazi flag.

Driven from Palestine, the Templars more or less took over the banking industry in Europe. Goldsmiths, functioning as money lenders, had developed paper money in the form of certificates of deposit, and had learned the trick of loaning out more money than they had on deposit as actual gold. This trick, this fiat money, would enrich the Templars and is today the foundation of the wealth and power of the global elite. Eventually they fell afoul of the French King Philippe the Fair and his puppet Pope, and most of the Templar leaders were tortured and burned at the stake. They were accused of worshipping Satan and some, under torture, confessed. What their true religious beliefs were is still a mystery. But most of the Templars escaped, as did their great merchant fleet, and most of their treasure was never found. Many joined the Hospitallers (Knights of Malta), and others, in Spain and Portugal, renamed themselves the” Knights of Christ” and led the way in overseas exploration. It was as if they already had secret geographical knowledge. Templar crosses adorned the sails of Columbus’ ships.

Then, between 1602 and 1616 there appeared in Germany two mysterious manifestos: the Fama Fraternitatis RC (Fame of the Brotherhood of RC) and the Confessio Fraternitatis (Confession of the Brotherhood). Supposedly authored by one Christian Rosenkreuz, they began the secret society of the Rosicrucians, whose emblem was an equal-armed gold cross with a red rose (symbol of the pagan goddess Artemis) at the center. Rosenkreuz (almost certainly fictional) had supposedly studied in the Near East, so, again, as with the Templars, we see evidence of a Muslim connection. Supposedly the Rosicrucians were closely linked to the Lutherans and influenced Scottish Freemasonry.

And the first Freemasons emerged in Scotland at about this time, although there is some evidence that a few lodges may have appeared in the late sixteenth century. Freemasonry, which claims direct descent from the Templars, spread to England and then to France, Germany, and, eventually, all over the world. Its lodges are often referred to as “temples,” an indication that Masonry is, in fact, a religion. In 1744 in Germany, Mayer Amschel Bauer was born; he later changed his name to “Rothschild,” German for “Red Shield.” Remember that the Templar flags featured red crosses. He built an immense banking empire that began in Frankfurt and spread to all of Germany, and then to France and England. Some of his descendants were elevated into the nobility, and, today, no one doubts the tremendous wealth and power of the clan, and they definitely rank high in the New World Order power structure.

Johann Adam Weishaupt (2/6/1748-11/18/1830) was born in Ingolldstadt in the German state of Bavaria. Educated by the Jesuits (themselves a rather mysterious secret society), he became a professor of law at the University of Ingoldstadt. On 5/1/1776, May Day, sacred to the pagans as Beltane and also sacred to modern communists, he founded the “Order of Perfectibilists,” also known as the Illuminati. Note that, decades earlier, some French Masons had called themselves the Illuminati, and, earlier still, so had some Spanish Catholic priests. The term refers to a higher state of consciousness, but mystics have always warned of a false, or partial enlightenment conferring occult powers but not full oneness with God. It is not clear if Weishaupt really founded the order or if he represented the surfacing of something that had been long hidden, or if, as some believe, the order was actually created by Mayer Rothschild and Weishaupt was merely his front man. Note also that 1776 was the year of America’s Declaration of Independence, in which Masons played a major role. Calling for global revolutions and one world government (sound familiar?),Weishaupt joined the Freemasons in Munich in 1777, and his order began infiltrating and taking over Masonic lodges. He named himself “Brother Spartacus” after the Roman gladiator and rebel, and the German communists in Munich in 1918 called themselves “Spartacists.” In 1784 the Illuminati were outlawed by the Bavarian Elector Karl Theodor, and Weishaupt fled to the neighboring German state of Gotha. But, like the Templars centuries earlier, was this really the end? Or did the order simply go underground?

George Washington, himself a Mason, believed otherwise, and he and fellow Mason John Robeson, author of Proofs of a Conspiracy, believed that the Illuminati, in conjunction with French Masons, fomented the French Revolution, arguably the first appearance of true fascism in the modern world. Nineteenth Century British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli stated that the world was controlled, not by the publicly known political figures, but by a very different group. President Woodrow Wilson said that there was a secret group in power and that it was dangerous even to criticize them, and Prime Minister Winston Churchill, in the nineteen twenties, claimed that the Illuminati still existed and were behind communism. Also, Yale University’s Skull and Bones society, heavily represented in the upper echelons of America (the Bushes, for example, are members), was founded by William Huntington Russell and Alphonso Taft after Russell had studied at a German university. Most researchers believe that it is simply chapter 322 of a secret German society, apparently the Illuminati, but this has never been absolutely proven.

Karl Schapper led a group of expatriate Germans in Paris, and, in 1834, founded the League of the Just. His group then backed a German “intellectual,” Karl Marx, and his wealthy comrade Friedrich Engels. The League joined forces with the Communist Correspondence Committee in Brussels in 1847. Marx, of course, formulated the doctrines of modern communism. There is no absolute proof that the League really founded communism in its modern form, or that it was, in fact, the Illuminati under a different name…but this is the simplest and most probable explanation.

The coming of Madame Blavatsky and the Theosophists in the eighteen seventies began a pagan or occult revival in Europe and America, perhaps foreshadowed by the earlier Spiritualist movement. Around the beginning of the twentieth century the Order of the Golden Dawn emerged in England, and several occult societies surfaced in Austria and Germany. Among these was the Order of the New Templars, created sometime between 1894 and 1907 in Austria by Jorg von Liebenfels and Guido von List, using the sinister, or counterclockwise version of the swastika as its emblem. Liebenfels, a former Cistercian monk (like St. Bernard), believed that the Aryan race was descended from interstellar “gods.” Most of the ideas later espoused by the Nazis first surfaced here. In 1912 the German Order was founded in Germany by Theodor Fritsch and Philipp Stauff, also using the swastika, and, in 1918, Rudolf von Sebottendorf and Walter Nauhaus founded the Thule Society, using the same emblem. The Thule Society created the NSDAP (National Socialist German Workers’ Party) and sent Adolf Hitler to become its leader. The shortened name of the party is, of course, “Nazi.” Sebottendorff had belonged to the German Order, and had studied Sufism, Theosophy, and the Kabbalah (despite being anti-Semitic), and had once lived and studied in Turkey…always the Islamic connection. Muslims, in WWII, allied themselves with the Nazis.

So it was in Germany that the occult society of the Rosicrucians first emerged, possibly, like the Masons, simply a resurfacing of the Templars. Then one of the world’s leading “bankster” dynasties appeared there, and then the Illuminati, possibly financed or even secretly controlled by Rothschild. Modern communism was formulated by the German Karl Marx, supported by a German society, and then Nazism, created by the mysterious Thule Society. So both of the chief scourges of the twentieth century, communism and Nazism, originated in Germany. And while the communists hide their true intentions behind flowery rhetoric, and pretend to be atheists, the Nazis were always right up front about their militarism and their racism, and their fascination with ritual magic.

But now Germany is of less importance, and it is the “New Atlantis” that seems to be in the crosshairs of the global elites. We in America are rapidly losing our freedom, our prosperity, and our sovereignty to forces most people cannot even imagine. Perhaps, as the dreaded Mayan date (12/21/2012) approaches, we are about to begin the final battle of a war that has been waged for thousands of years. And everything we hold dear is at stake.

Article Copyright© William B Stoecker - reproduced with permission.

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