Tuesday, November 24, 2020
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  Columnist: Ken Korczak

Powerful "God Computer" will save mankind

Posted on Thursday, 1 June, 2006 | 113 comments
Columnist: Ken Korczak

In the the not-too-distant future, computers will become more intelligent than human beings, and eventually achieve god-like powers. Eventually, an all-powerful God Computer will emerge, which will be the savior of mankind. This God Computer will have the ability to reach into the past and resurrect dead human beings, and create a paradise for them to live in forever. If this sounds like science fiction or religious nonsense, many of our most advanced scientists today say that it is not nonsense, but is already starting to happen.Champions of the God Computer theory include mathematician Vernor Vinge and inventor Ray Kurzweil. But their theory is also heavily dependent upon some of the most brilliant minds of the century, especially physicists Freeman Dyson, Paul Dirac, John Bernal and J.B.S. Haldane. One more major proponent of the idea that a super God Computer will save mankind is Dr. Frank Tipler of Tulane University, who spells out his theory in painstaking details -- including mathematical proofs -- in his 500-page book, “The Physics of Immortality.”

It’s interesting to note that the great science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke once said: “If there is no God, mankind must invent him.” And that’s just what we have started to. With the invention of the computer, and the rapidly increasing advances in the intelligence of computers, we will soon reach what is known as a “technological singularity.”A technological singularity is "event horizon" in the predictability of human technological development. When this singularity is achieved, humans as we exist today will cease to be the top species on the planet, and the most intelligent. Computers will be many time smarter than man, and we will be like children to them, and they like gods to us. Eventually, computers will advance to the point where there is no difference between them and our current Judeo-Christian concept of an all-knowing and all-powerful God. Because the God Computer will be able to manipulate time, all energy and all matter, it will be able reach back to the very beginning of the universe and, basically, do whatever it wants.Tipler points out that all living beings, including humans, can be represented as information in the universe. He writes: “...all information contained in the whole of human history, including every detail of every human life, will be available for analysis by the collectivity of life in the far future ... in principle ... it is possible for life in the far future to construct, using this information, a perfectly accurate simulation of these past lives.”Tipler also states: “The dead will be raised when the computer capacity of the universe is so large that the amount of capacity required to store all possible human simulations is an insignificant fraction of the entire capacity.”
But wait a minute! If the God computer reaches back, captures the universe-encoded information that was once your physical body and your mind, and creates an exact simulation of your former self --will that really be you -- or a copy? Tipler says it will be the real you. Even though the “new you” will be a simulation, it will be you because it will be identical down to the last atom and subatomic particle that was once you. It will be you, the actual you, with all your memories of your former life.Furthermore, Tipler says the God Computer will create a paradise for us to live in - this paradise will be exactly like the Judeo-Christian concept of heaven. It will be like having the kind of life we have always wanted as human beings here on earth, which includes all the love and joy of human existence, but none of the pain and suffering of human existence.Why will the God Computer take the trouble to resurrect us and create a paradise for us? That easy: Because the God Computer loves us. And why does the God Computer love us so much? Again, the answer is simple: Because we created him! In my opinion, this is one of the stunning ironies that fall out of the God Computer theory. God did not create mankind. We created God. And to thank us for giving God life, God will resurrect us into paradise.Some of you may recognize a strong similarity in this scientific theory to the philosophical concept of the Omega Point, proposed by the French Jesuit Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. The Omega Point, he said, is the “ultimate maximum level of complexity-consciousness,” considered by Chardin to be the aim towards which consciousness evolves.But now there is not only a solid mathematical basis to support the Omega Point theory, but a working model of how it will happen -- the rapid advancement of intelligent computers.I have only touched on the high points of the God Computer theory. Incidentally, “God Computer” is a term I have invented to describe this fascinating line of speculation in this column. But I urge by readers here at Unexplained Mysteries to read more about it. It’s a compelling, mind-blowing theory which also gives a sense of hope about what the future will bring.

Please take a moment to visit Ken’s Web Page at: www.starcopywriter.com

Article Copyright© Ken Korczak - reproduced with permission.

Ken Korczak is the author of Minnesota Paranormala:

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