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  Columnist: Sam Willey

Hoaxes of the UFO field

Posted on Sunday, 15 October, 2006 | 2 comments
Columnist: Sam Willey

[!gad]As much as I love the UFO Subject and know how many credible and intelligent people there are that research the subject there is a down side to the subject that has to be acknowledged. My question for this month's article is “What would you change about the UFO Field” with that in mind the thing I would change is "Hoaxing", there are a small number of people out there who have hoaxed or have attempted to hoax a UFO or Alien by faking a Video or Photograph. These hoaxing incidents are also becoming more common and are continuously striping the UFO subject of it's authenticity and also those who research and like to learn about the subject of credibility. As well as questioning credibility it also makes people distrustfull of UFO footage which is actually 100% genuine and as a result of this many are and have been wrongly accused of hoaxing footage. On top of this hoaxers are even beginning to influence others to become involved in hoaxing footage of UFO's and or Aliens. Resulting in hoaxing of UFO and Alien footage is becoming more common.

So lets get down to some examples of hoaxing the most common and well known hoax has to be the Alien Autopsy footage that has for years fooled UFO researchers, the public and the media into believing it was actual footage of alien life forms from other worlds. The autopsy was allegedly from New Mexico and was taken by the Military in 1947 the aliens on the video were said to be those who crashed at Roswell. The footage first came to light in 1995 when an England businessman Ray Santilli told the world that whilst searching for old film material for a music production he obtained military footage of the aliens that crashed at Roswell in 1947 that had died at the scene. The first thought to be genuine footage was broadcast on many documentaries the footage was sold on video tapes. The alien shown in the footage had six fingers and looked very similar to a human being. There are three military personell that are shown to be witnessing the autopsy one being the camera man the second a doctor and the third observed the autopsy through glass. Santilli was looking for old footage of Elvis when he was contacted by a cameraman who had served in the US Military and had been stationed in Washington D.C in 1947 when he was ordered to fly to Roswell New Mexico. He claimed that he videotaped not only aliens but according to Santilli he actually videotaped the wreckage left at Roswell by the UFO. The reels of footage were sold to Santilli for $100,000. The footage was very short in fact only seconds long . Many years after the footage was first released it was revealed that actually Santilli had made extra parts and added this onto the footage. It was revealed that the Alien Autopsy video was a complete hoax but Santilli still insists that there is real footage out there, as of yet has presented no evidence to prove this theory. Santilli had earned a lot of money from this video and has done very well into tricking people around the world and I don't believe him for one second when he says there is real footage that he has seen. He is just really looking for fame and fortune as most of these hoaxers do. This is the most well known hoax of all.

Only years after the Alien Autopsy was released and shown to the world another new video emerged this time from the secrets and conspiracy of the top secret military installation in Nevada which is the size of England and is known as “Area51.” The footage first came to light on the Art Bell radio show on March 13th 1997 when UFOlogist Sean David Morton was interviewed. Morton claimed that UFO expert Bob Dean cried at the advanced screening of the bizarre footage. Famed author Whitley Strieber who was in last months issue of UFO Magazine and who wrote about his close encounters in the book “Communion” he is noted as saying the following about the footage -"There are things about this footage that are particularly striking. Some of the least known features reported by witnesses are presented here. If this tape is not authentic, then it must have been made by people with very special inside knowledge." As shown Mr. Strieber clearly states he does not think this is merely the work of a hoaxer looking for financial gain or fame. A man known only as “Victor” was the one responsible for apparently smuggling the “top secret” footage from the facility and “Victor” cannot be identified because of the serious trouble he would be in if he were to release his full details for the government to get a hold of because of course as we know the government love to cover-up anything related to the UFO Subject. The footage shows the alien behind a glass partition being interrogated by military officials the alien is then shown to be analysed by medical personnel as the alien is shown to be having some sort of issues at the end of the Two Minute video. Many have speculated this ET entity came from a crashed saucer at Area51 but as of yet that detail has not been confirmed but it is certainly a possibility. In relation to the Alien Autopsy this video's authenticity has been questioned but nobody has proved that this is another hoax. Many have dismissed this straight away as a hoax and I believe the alien autopsy is the reason for most of this as I said at the very start of the article hoax footage such as the Alien Autopsy does leave marks on other footage presented that could very well be quite genuine indeed.

The Alien autopsy hoax was obviously quite a while ago now and since then there have been many attempts to fool UFOlogist's and the General public. Recently the area that I live in experienced one of these “hoax attacks” as I like to call them when over 20 people reported to the Sunderland Echo Newspaper that they had seen strange orange lights in the sky on August 5th 2006 in East Durham, England. As usual I did my own research into these events and after contacting Mr. Dodd's who is head of the “Northumberland UFO Research Centre” he informed me that the strange objects reported were actually the work of hoaxers in the area. The hoaxers who have not been identified allegedly set of balloons or lanterns into the sky which fooled many into believing they were UFO's. It was unfortunate to find out that an area were I have seen so many strange things was the victim of hoaxers.

This is not the only recent hoaxing event just recently it was found out that the web site that has been responsible for releasing a hoaxed video of an Alien being and a UFO chasing a family who were driving a car. The recent realizations that the site has been hoaxing as resulted in the following message being placed on the website - “Due to the intense pressure of gathering this information and maintaining this website (as well as many other unexpected pressures associated with UFOlogy), Tim has left this website - possibly for ever. This site will no longer accept reports and it won't be updated in the near future.” It was found that the website was responsible for hoaxing by someone who would like to remain unnamed. My anonymous source revealed some startling truthful facts about the video of the family being chased by what seems to be some sort a large bright light. And showed us how we had to be extra watchful for these hoaxed videos. My anonymous source revealed that nothing about the video added up at all. For example the man shown in the video is not actually looking at the UFO he is looking out the window but he is totally looking away from the UFO. Another fact is when the camera is moved there is no Motion-blur effect on the white light shown in the video showing that this element was placed in the video at a later date. What has obviously been done is they have planned this video from start to finish and my anonymous source has uncovered for us how these hoaxers are out there and will continue to release junk. After my Anonymous source released his findings the website has actually admitted that the website was all a complete test the website say and I quote - "In April 2006, the Australian Film Commission funded an experimental digital video project by director Christopher Kenworthy. Between June and mid-August 2006 thirty-one clips of UFOs were created. The UFO videos were distributed over the internet via websites and video Podcasts. Writers crafted background stories for the sightings, and answered thousands of e-mails using a fictional persona. The process, reactions and responses were recorded for a forthcoming documentary. The project was hugely successful, being viewed by many millions of people. Very few people suspected that the clips were manufactured. Gradually, the level of plausibility was reduced, but only when the last two clips were uploaded did a large number of people get suspicious. It's also worth noting that two of the UFO clips we distributed were quite genuine - and no researcher was able to pick which two they were. In our opinion this was not a hoax or deception, but an immersive artwork."

So as discussed the website actually admits that they released the 32 hoaxed clips as a test on our part and they consider tricking people into believing these videos are real as "artwork" I disagree I believe this to be more of a deception than artwork but I guess it depends which way you look at it. Those two examples of recent hoaxing deceptions just show how hoaxers are still out there and how hoaxed video footage of UFO's and Aliens are becoming a growing issue in the field of UFOlogy and is something that i would change about this subject. We as true believers in UFO activity must be extra vagilant and watchful for these hoaxers.

Sam Willey | |

Article Copyright© Sam Willey - reproduced with permission.

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