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An Urban Legend

PNAC, Atta, and 9/11

October 18, 2006 | Comment icon 80 comments

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It’s the year 2006, only fives years after the attacks of Sept 11, America still stands, yet divided among many. Divided in times when lies become truth and truth becomes myth. Many accept the official theories of Sept 11th as fact despite the bizarre discrepancies and outright lies and omissions. But today, I’m not here to deal in theories, lies, or myths; I’m here to deal in Conspiracy Fact. Many will hold heartedly deny these facts after reading but will in the end assure that this nation is toppled from the inside out with they’re willful ignorance. Now, I guess the only thing left to ask is “if your government betrayed you, would you know it or more so would you want to know it?”It all begins with a man named “Muhammad Atta”, the politically proclaimed 911 ringleader. We all know who he is; he is supposedly the man who performed a kamikaze style attack with a Boeing 747 into World Trade Center tower 1; bypassing air port security while posing as a normal passenger, boarding a plane and taking control of it with his box cutter, on the same morning NORAD was having war game drills at the directive of PNAC member Vice President Dick Cheney, all while acting alone. Was 911 solely the act of Middle Eastern religious fanatics who acted alone, unassisted by any foreign or domestic agency accomplishing all but one of they’re objectives without hindrance?Well on the surface with media propaganda, one may be inclined to believe so, but when you review the unspoken truths, 911 is shown to be a pre planned attack on the American people, all to accomplish an agenda. As much as you are compelled by media to believe 9/11 was solely the work of Middle Eastern terrorist acting alone, it has more roots to our own government. Let’s begin to examine a Conspiracy Fact; which could be considered by many as…a smoking gun. General Mahmoud Ahmed, the Head of the Pakistani Intelligence Agency, the ISI, wired 100,000 dollars to the lead highjacker Mohammad Atta, reported by some sources as Sept 10. Coincidentally, General Ahmed had this money wired to Atta by “Omar Sheikh”, a British-born Islamic militant who is currently awaiting execution in Pakistan for the murder of American Journalist Daniel Pearl, who the U.S government and his wife both acknowledge was not responsible for the murder.That doesn’t even touch the surface of what’s really going on. On Sept 11th, 2001 this same ISI Head General who wired Atta this money, was in Washington having a series of top level meetings with the White House, the Pentagon, the National Security Council, George Tenant at the time Head of the CIA, and Marc Grossman the under secretary of state of political affairs. And right after 911, this General was escorted out the country with the red carpet, unknown and unheard of. The U.S government has allowed then and continues to allow now the money man behind 9/11 to escape unskaved and untouched; only to have him return to Pakistan and then at the request of the Pakistani President, resigned his position. So here we have the financer of the 9/11 attacks on the morning of Sept 11th having breakfast meetings with top government officials, and then allowed to escape. That’s not shocking these days that they would allow a 911 criminal to escape, when the white house itself is ran by a band of criminals, who have themselves highjacked this country and would sell it out just to maintain political power.The American people can only wonder in awe of what would become of this nation if they were to find out this administration could have prevented 911 and didn’t, or even caused it to happen.

That seems to be exactly the case when we delve deeper into the facts. During the 1980’s with CIA funding, the ISI was developed. It’s basically a parallel of the CIA; a subsidiary, a state within a state, with staff and informers estimated by some at 150,000. It holds unspoken power over all forms of government. With the Head of the ISI General Ahmed wiring Muhammad Atta 100,000 dollars, this fact proves that parts of the ISI directly supported and financed Al-Qaida, and it has long been established by any novice historian that the ISI has acted as go-between in intelligence operations on behalf of the CIA. So with that being said, is it not the CIA who had prior knowledge of the 911 attacks and allowed it to happen at the ISI’s expense?Daniel Ellsberg, the former US defense department whistleblower who has accompanied Sibel Edmonds (Fbi translator whistleblower) in court, has went on the record and stated “It seems to me quite plausible that Pakistan was quite involved in this ... To say Pakistan is, to me, to say CIA because ... it's hard to say that the ISI knew something that the CIA had no knowledge of." It’s a well known fact that for years the CIA used the ISI as a subsidiary to put billions of dollars into Islamic militant groups in Afghanistan, both before and after the Soviet invasion of 1979. The evidence supporting U.S involvement in the attacks of Sept 11th is so profound that they can no longer claim incompetence, but instead criminal intent.It is indeed criminal intent, fore if 9/11 never occurred; the U.S wouldn’t be able to accomplish its geo-political agendas in this century. Yes, those very agendas outlined in the Project for New American Century would be impossible to implement had 9/11 never happened. Tony Blair couldn’t agree more with this statement in saying “To be truthful about it, there was no way we could have got the public consent to have suddenly launched a campaign on Afghanistan but for what happened on September 11.” (Tony Blair Speaking To House of Commons Liaison Committee “Britain backs US plan for attack on Iraq” London Times 17 July, 2002.) So basically, the U.S and UK, used 9/11 to its advantage, all of which coincidentally allowed them to pursue plans within the PNAC documents. That only leads one to ask, would those elaborate plans and objectives be written up and not be carried out some how or some way? 9/11 was simply the answer to the PNAC’s problem; in that “the process of transformation is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event—like a new Pearl Harbor.”In essence, PNAC is a blueprint for the creation of a global Pax America and was drawn up for Dick Cheney (now vice-president), Donald Rumsfeld (defense secretary), Paul Wolfowitz (Rumsfeld's deputy), Jeb Bush (George Bush's younger brother) and Lewis Libby (Cheney's chief of staff). The document, entitled Rebuilding America's Defenses, was written in September 2000 by the neoconservative think tank, Project for the New American Century (PNAC).9/11, the Afghanistan war, the Iraq War, all of these random events happening in a continuous stream benefiting a select few within government and big corporations is by no means a coincidence. Within the PNAC documents it hinted that the Iraq war was well on its ways and that the Bush Administration planned on taking control of the Gulf region regardless if Saddam was in power. It quotes “while the unresolved conflict with Iraq provides the immediate justification, the need for a substantial American force presence in the Gulf transcends the issue of the regime of Saddam Hussein."
In simple terms, the need for a required American force presence in the Gulf goes beyond the regime of Saddam Hussein; us being there is far more important than regime change yet they will go hand in hand.PNAC is the American plan for global domination, all through the document it highlights North Korea, Syria, Iran, as dangerous regimes, and goes on to say they’re existence justifies the creation of a “worldwide command and control system”.It also includes China for "regime change", stating "it is time to increase the presence of American forces in SE Asia". The direction of where America is heading is absolutely ridiculous. Now before you start labeling supporters of these facts Conspiracy theorist or conspiratorial advocates, you really should think about how the PNAC documents explains what happen before, during, and after 9/11; the catalogue of evidence falls into place when set against the PNAC blueprint.There were countless warnings of these attacks forth coming and all the Bush Administration could do after was deny receiving any at all; criminal negligence. They received so many warnings and knew so much about the attack, and aided the terrorist in so many ways, lets just quote the former US federal crimes prosecutor, John Loftus, "The information provided by European intelligence services prior to 9/11 was so extensive that it is no longer possible for either the CIA or FBI to assert a defense of incompetence" You see, the real goal of 9/11 was never to catch Bin Ladin or liberate the Iraqi people from Saddam’s rule; the War of Terror is simply being used as a smokescreen cover for achieving US strategic geopolitical objectives.The Bush Administration was so intent on accomplishing these objectives to where it had intelligence cherry picked in order build a false basis for war. Specifically, Donald Rumsfield was so determined to obtain a rationale for an attack on Iraq that on 10 separate occasions he asked the CIA to find evidence linking Iraq to 9/11; the CIA repeatedly came back empty-handed (Time Magazine, May 13 2002). American investigative journalist Seymour Hurst states “Even before 9/11 Dick Cheney was insistence that the U.S must invade Iraq, and begin changing the world.” The only thing stopping Dick Chaney’s political desire of War in Iraq from coming to pass was a pretext; a way to get in. But Cheney’s dream was fulfilled with the attacks of 9/11. After 9/11 Dick Chaney then began to sell the American people a war, whether real or manufactured.Dick Chaney even visited the CIA headquarters, on 8 separate occasions, wanting to see more “forward leaning intelligence” on Iraq. Next is where things get just downright underhanded and dirty. The Pentagon then established a secretive group to work closely with the Vice President on intelligence matters; the group was known as the O.S.P, the Office of Special Plans. Greg Fieldman an intelligence specialist with the State Department is quoted stating “ They’re starting point was not to figure out what was going on, but lets see what kind of information we can come up with to justify the policy line we wish to pursue. Cheney was the driving force behind an orchestrated presentation to the American public of a different version of reality than, at least, the reality we saw.”In the intelligence community that’s called “Cherry Picking”; selecting individual morsels of information that support a certain view, and Stove Piping sending them without analyst right to the White House to be inserted into the president’s script. This is nothing more but conscious manipulation of intelligence far from an oversight. Another person who helped Cheney sell the war was “Ahmed Chalabi” an ex Iraqi patriot.

Chalabi’s organization was paid over 300,000 dollars a month to provide intelligence to the Office of Special Plans. In the end Vice President got his money’s worth. Chalabi, a convicted bank swindler who hadn’t lived in Iraq since he was 13, hoped to become the new Iraqi president once Saddam was captured; his O.S.P reports were routinely optimistic, stating that the Iraqis will greet American Troops as liberators. All of the deceitful tactics used against the American People by this administration can be viewed as treasonous, yet most stand by with they’re shameful apathy as America heads in the direction which is incrementally transforming this country into a imperial fascist state, when all political decisions are made solely to benefit major corporations.As an American, you must really look at all of these bizarre coincidences and inconsistencies and start to connect the dots at certain point. And to some people it’s a scary thing that they’re own government would manufacture a war and even commit an attack against them. Hard as it is to believe, all one has to do is look at who has the motive. Al-Quadia gains nothing from a 1000 or so Americans dying; they will be happy they killed a bunch of us, but in the end, what besides an emotion will they gain? Nothing. It would take centuries for any terrorist group to topple the U.S just by killing off its citizens in long drawn out coordinated attacks; it just cant be done, our founding fathers even admitted that, if this nation ever shall fall it will never be from an outside threat but it shall be destroyed from the inside. Disturbing enough, our government has a blueprint of objectives they need to accomplish and have no way of accomplishing them unless some sort of attack occurs which allows them to push the go button on all of they’re objectives; 9/11 provided that.It’s not far from the truth to state that the U.S government has made no “serious” attempt to catch Osama Bin Ladin, because, they haven’t! In late September and as early as Oct 2001, the leaders of Pakistan’s two Islamist parties negotiated Bin Ladins extradition to Pakistan to stand trial for 9/11, but the U.S REJECTED HIM! A U.S official was reported saying “casting our objectives too narrowly risked a premature collapse of the international effort, if by some lucky chance Mr Bin Laden was captured.” Next, the U.S Joint Chief of Staff, General Myers even openly stated that “ the goal has never been to get Bin Laden”.(AP, April 5,2002) Even the Fbi agent Robert Wright told ABC News(December 19,2002) that the FBI headquarters wanted no arrest. And the smoking gun to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt Bin Ladin never was the goal, our own U.S president George W.Bush admitted it, saying “the most important thing is for us to find Osama Bin Ladin. It is our number one priority & and we will not rest until we find him.”-Sept 13, 2001. Then as Bin Ladin became the least talked about throughout the media he stated “I don’t know where he is. I have no idea and I really don’t care. It’s not that important. It’s not our priority.” –March 13, 2002.All of these statements and reports which are considered evidence come directly from sources in the public domain, and when compared to the idea of having a war on terrorism, it’s absolutely incompatible. It leaves me in handicapped disbelief that after 9/11 Osama Bin Ladin was being broadcasted as being the mastermind behind the attacks and that we will catch him and bring him to justice but when a foreign government offers to directly hand him over to you, you DENY HIM! Why!?

This definitely supports the fact that Bin Ladin never was our goal. He was nothing more but an asset; used as political tool throughout the media when they needed him. And he to this day, goes on not captured, unpursued for the attacks of Sept 11; maybe because he didn’t commit them? It’s just so hard for me to believe this government let alone this president wants to catch Bin Ladin when he has so many close ties to him business wise. On 9/11 Bush Sr was in Washington in a meeting with Osama Bin Ladin’s Brother “Shafig Bin Laden” with the Carlyle Group hosting a conference at a Washington hotel.I couldn’t begin to picture that meeting “Uh hey man, you know my son is about to accuse your brother of the biggest terrorist attack on America, I just want you to know there isn’t any hard feelings ok? And don’t mind that we’re putting him as number 1 on the most wanted list, or that 25 million dollar bounty on his head to kill him.” America seeing all of these events unfold in front of my eyes and have the masses buy into it as if it were the Gospel Truth brings a tear to my eye. Sometimes it even makes me ashamed to be American the way the people in this country carry on in ignorance.And to touch upon another subject, among the most disgraceful, it has to be debunkers. Debunker are pathetic in they’re attempts to preserve the lies as truth in the official version of 9/11. They go to extreme lengths to accomplish this, from witness hearing explosions in the towers as being computers exploding or steel buckling so much that it just so happens to explode out of a wall and blow a bunch of people’s faces off. Amongst the many things they try to “debunk” they fail to address none WTC issues such as the PNAC documents or the Muhammad Atta Money Trail which leads back to Pakistan’s ISI then to our own CIA. They turn a blind eye to those things and throughout all of the mountains of evidence which shows federal involvement, including whistleblowers, who openly admit our government had complicity in the attacks.I can only look on in utter disgust. A 28 year CIA Veteran and Political Advisor Ray Mcgovern, went public in saying “We have to be careful, if somebody does this kind of provocation, big violent explosions of some kind, we have to not take the word of the masters there in Washington that this was some terrorist event because it could well be a provocation allowing them, or seemingly to allow them to get what they want." And this is exactly the case if you investigate. If you’re going to ignore all of this evidence, why you don’t just give an applause once the Constitution is suspended after the next terrorist attack.The FBI, illegally, continues to refuse the release of their agent Robert Wright's 500-page manuscript Fatal Betrayals of the Intelligence Mission, and still has refused to turn the manuscript over to Senator Shelby, vice-chairman of the joint intelligence committee charged with investigating America's 9/11 intelligence failures. And the US government, caught red handed in the cookie jar, still refuses to declassify 28 secret pages of a recent report on 9/11. The only thing you can ask is WHY? If there is a gun behind a door on a table with your finger prints on it and a tape showing you committed a crime and authorities asked you to open to that door, would you open it????? No you wouldn’t, you would continue to want to keep that door LOCKED. And that exactly what the government is doing, protecting itself from incrimination.In all the paragraphs of things I’ve discussed I will leave you all with a profound quote from a truly patriotic journalist “It is not the democrats who inaction in the face of the enemy you fear sir, it is your own, before 9/11 and you alone know this perhaps afterwards. Mr President, these new lies go to the heart of what it is you truly wish to preserve, it is not our freedom nor our country; your actions against the constitution give irrefutable proof of that. You want to preserve one political party’s power, and obviously you will sell this country out to do it. These are lies about the democrats pile the top, lies about Iraq, pile the top, lies about your preparations for Al Quiada. To you perhaps they feel like the weight of a million centuries, as crushing as immovable, but they are not. If you add more lies to them you cannot free yourself and us from them. But if you stop, if you stop fabricating quotes and stop building strawmen and stop inspiring those around you to do the same, you may yet liberate yourself and this nation. Please Sir, do not throw this countries principles away because your lies have made it such that you can no longer differentiate between the terrorist and the critics.” –Keith Olberman

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Comment icon #71 Posted by __Kratos__ 16 years ago
Facts are hard to come by when you're making up silly conspiracies.
Comment icon #72 Posted by Fate 16 years ago
I think it is more desacrating and dishonorable to not look at the facts and try to find the truth about what really happened. 600 years ago, most people believed demons caused sickness and the Earth was flat.
Comment icon #73 Posted by limited 16 years ago
Why is it so unbelievable; Bush and the neo-cons staged 9/11 to start a war? think they aren't capable?
Comment icon #74 Posted by BZRK 16 years ago
...Crickets... SEPT your right all im hearing is crickets. Once again no response in debunking the facts in the article. Although Lizardian_guy did mention he would debunk the article a few posts back but i am now waiting over a week. Cheers BZRK
Comment icon #75 Posted by Enlightenment 16 years ago
There is a difference between looking at the facts, and interpreting the facts to fit your theory. Fact: Larry said "pull-it" Theory: Larry said that so his secret demolition team could blow up WTC 7. You see, the CT's take this stuff and run with it. They distort the facts to neatly fit into their interpretation of them. A parallel can be drawn to religion. Why are there so many different sects of christianity? They all use the bible as fact? Well, because they all interpret the bible to fit into their ideals. Same way with the CT's. They are like a cult, taking facts from all over the place,... [More]
Comment icon #76 Posted by BZRK 16 years ago
There is a difference between looking at the facts, and interpreting the facts to fit your theory. Fact: Larry said "pull-it" Theory: Larry said that so his secret demolition team could blow up WTC 7. You see, the CT's take this stuff and run with it. They distort the facts to neatly fit into their interpretation of them. A parallel can be drawn to religion. Why are there so many different sects of christianity? They all use the bible as fact? Well, because they all interpret the bible to fit into their ideals. Same way with the CT's. They are like a cult, taking facts from all over the place,... [More]
Comment icon #77 Posted by limited 16 years ago
Im gonna go read my copy of my pet goat...I hear it can hold your attention while your under attack...finish a good goat book than tell norad to simmer down....sounds like a plan....
Comment icon #78 Posted by BZRK 16 years ago
Im gonna go read my copy of my pet goat...I hear it can hold your attention while your under attack...finish a good goat book than tell norad to simmer down....sounds like a plan.... hahaha Maybe if we read the book the right way up? lmao Cheers BZRK
Comment icon #79 Posted by stardrive 16 years ago
Congratulations! You have just proved the theory that there is no limit to human stupidity. Congrats to you to, you just reminded me why I shouldn't believe a word you type. Clearly you have lost your fingertip grip on reality and have descended into an abyss of irreversible lunacy. I see you've set aside this special time to humiliate yourself on UM. If you knew what you're talking about, you'd be dangerous. I suggest you need Mark Twain's advice; "It is better to be silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt." Time to practice what you preach. If you open your eyes and ... [More]
Comment icon #80 Posted by Zeestoke 16 years ago
What i dont get is people saying how can a govt kill its own ppl and using that as an excuse not to listen to another side of an argument. If a govt like usa can directly and indirectly be involved in millions of deaths after the WWII, selling drugs to fund wars, dictarships, tin pot govt to further its own means, wot are a few thousand ppl in a building and airplane. this info can be found on google, or any good history book of the last 50yrs. the isi was funded with drug money so they could fund and equip the afgans against ussr. this kinda funding is well know, and is the same kinda thing w... [More]

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