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Kathleen Meadows

Fate: the good and the bad

9-2-2014 | 2

Most people believe in fate. You may not count yourself among that majority, until something happens that cannot b...

Kathleen Meadows

Reincarnation is a misnomer

7-29-2014 | 6

I was watching a video by David Wilcock (author of The Synchronicity Key) recently, and not surprisingly he set off...

Kathleen Meadows

Don't be a lazy skeptic!

7-9-2014 | 36

I work in a field that draws skeptics in droves. I’m sure most people visiting this site are well accustomed to ...

Kathleen Meadows

The fortune cookie

5-30-2014 | 0

Synchronicity is a term coined by the famous psychiatrist, Carl Jung which has made its way into common usage. He ...

Kathleen Meadows

The problem with soul mates

4-22-2014 | 4

I’m often asked, “Is this person my soul mate?” After reading for clients for more than thirty years, you wo...

Kathleen Meadows

Dreaming yourself a shaman

3-22-2014 | 2

In a longitudinal study, 7000 students were interviewed about their dreams (across cultures). Surprisingly, the da...

Kathleen Meadows

Dreams guide our destiny

2-20-2014 | 2

I’ve been guided by my dreams most of my life. It always surprises me when someone says they don’t dream or wh...

Kathleen Meadows

Review: Extraordinary Knowing

1-21-2014 | 1

A while ago, I was asked to do a tarot reading for a university professor. A somewhat uncommon request. I don’t...

Kathleen Meadows

Spiritualism ushering in women emancipation

12-22-2013 | 0

Many spiritualists today don't know that the mid-19th century spiritualist movement was the axis and engine of the ...

Kathleen Meadows

A medium brings a life-altering message

12-7-2013 | 2

One beautiful summer day, I headed off to spend a weekend at the spiritualist community of the Lilydale Assembly wi...

Kathleen Meadows

Psychic ability and psychology

11-13-2013 | 0

I receive several emails each month asking me how I knew I was psychic. They have psychic senses too (or think they...

Kathleen Meadows

The spiritual psychology of the chakras

10-24-2013 | 2

Chakras, auras, subtle bodies and energy healing have become common topics of discussion. What once was considered ...

Kathleen Meadows

Sufferage and mediumship

8-27-2008 | 3

The feminist position has been a central and pivotal point of reference for me for thirty seven years. It is my le...

Kathleen Meadows

Researching mediumship as a psychic science

7-10-2008 | 2

The point of doing scientific research is to get at the truth. The scientific study of mediumship must follow the ...

Kathleen Meadows

Carl Wickland reincarnation

6-8-2008 | 5

Dr. Carl A. Wickland wrote, “The theory of reincarnation can undoubtedly be traced to early stages of mankind whe...

Kathleen Meadows

Do you recognize the name Carl Gustav Jung?

5-15-2008 | 6

I'd be surprised if the majority reading this article doesn't. The Swiss born psychiatrist who purportedly formula...

Kathleen Meadows

The spiritual psychology of the chakras

5-5-2008 | 6

Chakras, auras, subtle bodies and energy healing have become much more common topics of discussion in western socie...

Kathleen Meadows

Grandmother’s healing magic & AIDS

8-19-2006 | 5

I’ve been following CBC’s coverage of the International Conference on AIDS in Toronto this past week. It’s ra...

Kathleen Meadows

Past, present and future

7-28-2006 | 3

I've been watching a series featured on the CBC recently called, “The Paranormal” whereby some unexplained myst...

Kathleen Meadows

The divining wild women

7-1-2006 | 0

The most influential book I've ever read on the psychology of women is Clarissa Pinkola Estes book, Women Who Run w...

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